3 Loose Eyesight Due to Botched Cataract Surgery

On January 4, 50-75 patients had gone to the hospital for cataract surgery at the Thackeray Trauma Care Hospital in Mumbai. After the operation a day later, seven patients eyes were infected. Three patients lost their eyesight. Since three people lost their eyesight and became blind, an investigation was conducted. Additional Municipal Commissioner I S Kundan said that the details of the investigations were shocking. She said that, a device is used to perform the cataract surgery. Once they finish the device should be changed before using it on other patients. The doctors used the same equipment to perform surgeries on many patients. On the medical equipment they found bacteria which can cause blindness and death. She said that all the surgical devices when used on patients, must be sterilised before using it on other patients. The doctors did not follow the rules. The dirty device may be the reason why the three patients lost their eyesight. After the results of the investigation, Medical Superintendent Dr H S Bava has been transferred to Maa Maternity Hospital in Chembur. The other doctor Dr Arjun Chaudhary was fired. The case will be transferred to JJ Hospital to check if there were any other problems during the surgery.

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