25 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power!

If you can figure out even half of these brain-twisting
riddles in under 10 seconds, then you are a master of the mind! Coming up, 25 Riddles That Will Test Your
Brain Power! Number 25. “Lazy Cops”
Either someone is not doing their job or someone is getting special privileges can you get
to the bottom of this crime-related riddle? The Riddle: “A limo driver is going the wrong
way down a one way street. He goes fast four police officers along the
way, yet none of them stop him. One even smiled and waved. Why didn’t the police stop him?” The Answer: Because the limo driver was walking,
not driving. Number 24. “Mind-Bender”
See if you can guess this thing-a-ma-jig that can bend, and straighten out every which way. The Riddle: “You should keep me as straight
as can be, yet very few do. Most of the time I am slightly bent or curved. Your sadness usually causes me to bend further,
but don’t bend me for too long or I may never be able to fully straighten out again. What am I?” The Answer: Your Posture. Number 23. “Family Shopping”
In riddles most things aren’t what they seem but what could be so puzzling about a family
excursion to the mall? The Riddle :”A grandmother, two mothers and
two daughters went shopping together and everyone bough one purse each. How many purses did they bring home all together?” The Answer: Three. The grandmother is also a mother and the mother
is also a daughter. Number 22. “Land or Sea”
This one seems to have some deep dark philosophical meaning but careful, if think too hard you
will miss it! The Riddle: I’m always there, some distance
away. Somewhere between land or sea and sky I lay. You may move towards me, yet distant I stay. The Answer: The Horizon. Number 21. “Fire Starters”
This next one is a good brain buster for those solo adventurers that are afraid of the dark. The Riddle: “You are all alone in a dark room
with a match and matchbox. Nearby you have three objects: a candle, an
oil lamp and a log of firewood. Which thing do you light first?” The Answer: The match. Number 20. “The Rainbow House”
Can you get past the bizarre color scheme and solve this tricky riddle about this rainbow
painted house? The Riddle: “In a one story house at the corner
of the road, the bedrooms were yellow, the kitchen was blue, the living room was orange,
the garage was green, the entry hall was red and the sitting room was purple. What color were the stairs?” The Answer: There are none. It is a one story house. Number 19. “Amazing River”
Take a trip deep into the jungles of South America for this riddle about a raging river. The Riddle: “What was the longest river in
the world before the Amazon River was discovered?” The Answer: The Amazon, because it was still
the longest before it was discovered. Number 18. “Shirtless Tourist”
This next riddle combines traffic signals, house painting and a famous body of water
in the Middle East to create utter confusion. The Riddle: “If you paint a brown house white
it will become a white house, if the stop light changes from red to green then the light
is green. So, if you throw a white shirt into the Red
Sea, what will it become?” The Answer: The shirt will become wet. It won’t change from white to red because
the Red Sea…isn’t actually red. Number 17. “Six Feet High And Rising”
There seem to be a lot of riddles about being stuck in rooms with matches but this one ups
the ante on the peril-meter. The Riddle: “Imagine that you are trapped
inside a windowless building, during a hurricane with nothing but a box of matches, three candles
and a ceramic mug. The flood waters are rising in the room and
are currently up to your neck. The door is hopelessly locked and there is
no one within 500 miles of you. How can you get out of this situation?” The Answer: Stop imagining. Number 16. “Riddles In The Dark”
This one comes straight from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel ‘The Hobbit’ and is
one of the riddles that Gollum asks Bilbo Baggins when he is trapped in his lair. See if you can figure out this while remembering
the stakes aren’t as high for you as they were for Bilbo. The Riddle: “This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays
king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down.” The Answer: Time. Number 15. “Mary and Jackie”
Some riddles test your patience as much as they test your brain power. The answer to this next riddle has an answer
so cringeworthy and cheesy that it belongs on a Laffy Taffy wrapper–But you probably
still can’t figure it out. The Riddle: “Mary and Jackie went on a vacation. They both got 2 separate hotel rooms. The rooms have no heating and Jackie was really
cold but Mary was not. Without adding any clothing or wrapping herself
in any other material or using any fire for heat, what did Mary do to stay warm in that
cold empty room?” The Answer: Mary huddles in the corner of
the room where it is always 90 degrees…Get it? Like a right angle? Ha..ha…Sorry about that one. Number 14. “Mistreated Object”
This ‘what am I’ riddle revolves around something that has seemingly been through a gauntlet
of destruction, yet somehow survives. Can you figure out what it is? The Riddle: “I can break, I can be clogged,
I can be attacked, I can be given, I can be kept, I can be crushed yet I can be whole
at the same time. What am I?” The Answer: A heart. Number 13. “Whirlwind Romance”
This next one also revolves around matters of the heart more specifically it appears
someone is going around breaking them recklessly. The Riddle: “I married your friend, I married
your coworker, I may have even married you, and I married every girl that asks me to,
yet I am still single. Who am I?” The Answer: A priest. Number 12. “Needed Yet Mistreated”
This riddle also involves an object, animal or person that comes in contact with many
yet isn’t quite respected the way it should be. The Riddle: “Each day many people from all
over the world come and visit me, however, they usually only stay for a few minutes. I am considered by many to be very dirty yet
few people would want to live without me. And, whenever people come see me, they reveal
to me a part of themselves that they rarely show to others. What or who am I?” The Answer: A toilet. Number 11. “Dangerous Drinks”
This brain buster involves what could have been the perfect crime if it hadn’t been for
one of the intended victim’s hastiness. The Riddle: “Two women ate dinner together. They both ordered lemonade. One woman drank them very fast and finished
five in the time it took the other to drink just one. The woman who drank just one lemonade quickly
perished while the other survived. All of their drinks had been poisoned. How did the woman who drank the most survive?” The Answer: The poison wasn’t in the lemonade,
but in the ice. So it was released upon the ice melting. Therefore because the survivor drank her drinks
fast she wasn’t poisoned because the ice didn’t melt. Number 10. “Sound and Vision”
Cryptic and mysterious, this riddle will blow your mind and leave your jaw-dropped like
the moment Neo learned Kung-Fu in the Matrix. The Riddle: “Many have heard me, but no one
has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to. What am I?” The Answer: An echo. Number 9. “Skyscraper Slip-up”
If your job is cleaning very tall buildings you should always make sure you are properly
prepared, unless you are this lucky man and have a trick up your sleeve. The Riddle: A window cleaner is cleaning a
window on the 25th floor of a skyscraper when, suddenly, he slips and falls. He has no safety equipment and nothing to
soften his fall and yet he is not hurt. How can this be?” The Answer: He was cleaning the windows from
the inside. Number 8. “Heaven and Earth”
The answer to this one may seem profound as if it that of a cosmic, religious or fantasy
realm but remember the answer is sometimes easier than it seems. The Riddle :”I am the first on earth, the
second in heaven. I appear twice in a week, though you can only
see me once in a year. What am I?” The Answer: The Letter E. Number 7. “Fishing Trip”
Sometimes the difficulty of a riddle can be all in the set-ups persuasion. The answer for this one will either be completely
obvious or have you scratching your head at how you could have fallen for a riddle so
dumb. The Riddle: “Four men were fishing in a boat
on the lake. The boat turned over and all four men sank
to the bottom of the lake. And yet, not one single man got wet. How is this possible?” The Answer: All of the four men were married. Number 6. “The Letter Trade”
We won’t blame you for pausing the video if you need more than ten seconds to figure out
this one, as we couldn’t figure it out without a pen and paper. The Riddle: “If it’s information you seek,
come and see me. If it’s pairs of letters you need, I have
consecutively three. What am I?” The Answer: A bookkeeper. The word has three pairs of letters in a row. Number 5. “Truth and Lies”
This riddle is something you might expect to hear from slam poet at a coffee shop open
mic or from your friend who thinks they can get a job with a philosophy degree. The Riddle: “We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size. What am I?” The Answer. Words…..Far out, man. Number 4. “Mother and Father”
At first this one might seem quite perplexing but the simple answer will have you thinking
‘how could I have missed that’? The Riddle: I am a mother and a father, but
have never given birth. I’m rarely still, but I never wander. What am I? The Answer: A tree. Number 3. “6 Sisters”
This one has the makings of a math riddle but you shouldn’t need a calculator to get
the solution here. The Riddle: There are 6 sisters. Each sister has 1 brother. How many brothers are in the sisters family? The Answer. 1 brother. Number 2. “Food Chain”
Why is it that some of the simplest riddles are the most difficult? Perhaps humans are just prone to overthinking. Here’s a simple one that will give you a complex
headache. The Riddle: If you eat me, my sender will
eat you. What am I? The Answer: A fish hook. Number 1. “Five Letter Word”
Some of the best riddles and most fun to figure out involve the construction of words and
the way the English language works. Well, our last riddle is one of those and
don’t be embarrassed if it takes you some time to figure out, because unless you are
a walking dictionary, it’s pretty hard. The Riddle: I am a five-letter word. I sounds the same when you remove my first
letter. I sound the same when you remove my 3rd letter. I sound the same when you remove my last letter,
and I sound the same when you remove all three. Which word am I? Answer: Empty. As whether you spell it, ‘mpty’, ’emty’, ’emp-t’,
or ‘m.t.’ they all sound the same! What’s the silliest or hardest riddle you’ve
ever heard?

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