2019 Subaru Forester 2.0i-S Eyesight review -Is it better than the CRV and RAV4? -Philippines mias

if you’d look closely at this video you
will see the all new Subaru Forester with eyesight it’s right over here right at the center This is the all-new fifth generation Subaru Forester i-S with eyesight it may look similar to the 2018 model but it’s an entirely new vehicle the is
is the top-of-the-line variant of the Forester and sells for about 1.79
million the features of the I-S are very similar to the i-l which is the next
cheaper model the main difference is that the i-s has a sunroof and it has
18-inch wheels while the i-l only has Seventeens the Forester is very similar
to the rav4 in terms of size and pricing but not in terms of features if you
compare it to the local version of the rav4 the Forester is a lot lot better
equipped in terms of safety and convenience features the main selling
point of the vehicle is its eyesight technology which I’ll talk about later
in the video for now let me give you a walk around the exterior design of the
Forester s pretty conservative especially if you compare it to the very
sharpIy designed rav4 if you’re not familiar with the Subaru
you’d probably think that it’s the same as last year’s model the first time that
I saw it I actually thought that it was a facelift but all the panels are
different and it’s based on a new platform
the front end of the new Forester looks a bit broader and brawnier the grille is a
bit more squared off on the sides of the vehicle
there are plenty of creases and swooping lines and it has adequately bulging
fenders which give it a masculine but still domesticated look at the back it
has new C shaped tail lamps the is model gets 18-inch wheels wrapped 225 55
series tires overall it’s a conservative design but it has enough aggression to
it that it doesn’t look boring the interior of the new Forester has a
premium feel to it most of the surfaces are covered in soft
touch materials the seats are covered in leather for both the i-l and the i-s the
vehicle has three display screens there’s a screen at the top which
displays information such as weather a compass your eyesight settings climate
control settings etc and then there’s the eight-inch infotainment screen it’s
touch screen it has Android auto apple carplay it has navigation I also like
the fact that it can be controlled by physical knobs and buttons I still think
that there’s no better way to adjust volume than using an old-fashioned knob
and then there’s the display screen at the instrument cluster which displays
information such as your mpg the vehicle has dual zone climate control it has 8
way power adjustable seats with memory also the vehicle can recognize your face
and adjust the seats and also the mirrors and the climate control
according to your preferred settings at the back it has two air con vents and
two USB ports this i-s trim has a sunroof space is very plentiful in the new forester it feels more spacious than the previous model it’s called eyesight because it’s
like having an extra pair of eyes on the road and on you it monitors the driver
and if it detects that you’re getting drowsy or distracted it will alert you
it has adaptive cruise control which will automatically speed up or slow down
the vehicle depending on the speed of traffic and it’s not just for the
highway it will also work in stop-and-go traffic it will allow the vehicle to
come to a complete stop and then resume again when the traffic moves you could
set your maximum speed and maximum distance to the car in front of you It has cross traffic alert for the
front as well as for the rear it has blind spot warning it has Lane keep
assist I’m usually skeptical of modern
electronic features and vehicles but I got to try this on the road and it’s
no gimmick if I had kids I would want them to be in a vehicle with a system
like this the forester like all Subarus is powered by a boxer engine the boxer
engine is a type of engine where the cylinders are horizontal one advantage
of this configuration is that it has the lower center of gravity this is not a
very common engine type though so if you bring this outside the Casa you might
confuse your average mechanic it’s a 2 liter naturally aspirated engine which produces 156 horsepower and
196 Newton meters of torque it’s adequate for the size of the vehicle and
for its purpose which is to drive your family around all variants of the
Forester we’ll be all wheel drive not just that it will also have active
torque vectoring which can direct torque to any of the four wheels if it detects
slippage that’ll help with traction on slippery surfaces mechanically the
Forester is pretty advanced compared to the competition right quality’s pretty good sound
insulation is very good noise and vibration levels are kept to a minimum
acceleration is adequate although because it’s a CVT there’s that drone
to get during heavy acceleration but this is no sports car and your tac
shouldn’t be going over 4,000 rpm anyway I got the test the eyesight on the road
and it really does work like I showed you earlier the vehicle automatically
slowed down when it detected a pedestrian crossing the road I also got
the test the adaptive cruise control in traffic it worked as advertised given
the features of the vehicle I would expect it to be a lot more expensive but
it’s cheaper than the rav4 and it’s about the same price as the gasoline
powered CRV both of which are way under equipped compared to the Forester
the i-s sells for 1.79 million but if you don’t need the sunroof I think the I-L at
1.69 million is right at the sweet spot For a
gasoline powered SUV like this fuel efficiency is a very important
consideration the Forester does about 13kpl mixed according to official
estimates but in Manila traffic it will most likely do a lot less with some
reviewers saying that it does 6.25 kpl in traffic the value that you get for your money
on the Forester is very impressive the main drawback for local buyers is that
there is no diesel option but if that’s something that you can ignore if safety
is a major consideration for you and you had 1.69 million to
spend on a compact crossover you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal


  1. Sayang wala na Forester XT😩.. sa sa 3 variants ng forester ng 2015-18, xt turbo ang the best, yes cvt sya pero turbo nman😢

  2. When my daughter enters K1, Then I will start choosing between Forester and Ranger Bi. as my wife's school service. lol!

    As an OFW, safety to our family is the #1 concern and their safety techs. at least give you peace when they are on the road.

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