2019 Subaru Ascent – EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

In this video, we will explain how the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology functions. This Driver Assistant safety technology comes as standard equipment on the 2019 Subaru Ascent. The EyeSight system monitors traffic movement, optimizes cruise control, alerts the driver when the vehicle sways outside the traffic lane, and can even apply full braking force in emergency situations. The EyeSight system includes: Lane Departure Warning. Pre-collision Braking. Adaptive Cruise Control. Lane Keep Assist. EyeSight Assist Monitor and more. Lane Departure Warning lets the driver know if the system detects that the vehicle is likely to start to depart the traffic lane when the vehicle speed is approximately 50 kilometers per hour or more. The switch for this feature is located overhead, next to the sunroof controls, press and hold the switch for two seconds or more to enable or disable Lane Departure Warning. The EyeSight system’s Lane Keep Assist feature monitors the vehicle’s position in the lane, and can assist with corrective steering if the vehicle starts to depart the lane. This feature can be activated or deactivated by pressing the Lane Keep Assist switch on the right side of the steering wheel. The Pre-Collision Braking System can help prevent or minimize the risk of a collision by automatically applying the brakes if an obstacle is detected in front of the vehicle to reduce the impact damage or if possible prevent the collision. The switch for this feature is located overhead next to the sunroof controls. Press and hold the switch for two seconds or more to enable or disable the Pre-Collision Braking System. EyeSight Adaptive Cruise Control detects vehicles driving in the same lane in front of you using the stereo cameras located beside the rear view mirror. And adjust your speed accordingly to follow the vehicle in front. To set up Adaptive Cruise Control, press the Cruise switch located on the right side of the steering wheel. Press the RES/SET switch, this will set the cruise control at the speed that you are currently traveling. When a vehicle in front is detected, you will hear one short beep, and your Subaru will match the speed at the distance you have selected. To change the Adaptive Cruise Control following distance, click through the following distance setting switch. The Operation Status for the EyeSight Assist Monitor are projected onto the lower part of the windshield. These lights alert the driver to various systems and vehicle operations. Four red flashing indicators alert the driver that the Follow Distance Warning, Pre-Collision Braking System, Obstacle Detective Warning, or Pre-Collision Throttle Management is operating. Flashing yellow on the left or right side indicates lane departure. Two alternating flashing yellows indicate Lane Sway warning. Simultaneous yellow flashes indicate detection of lack of steering wheel operation. Green indicates that a vehicle is detected ahead when Adaptive Cruise Control is active. All of the EyeSight Driver Assist technology comes standard in the 2019 Subaru Ascent, keeping the driver, and the occupants safer on the road.


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