1st Day of Diwali : Dhanteras

Diwali is a very important festival for Hindus. It is celebrated for 5 days. On Diwali people put beautiful lights in their house and on the streets as well. Today is the first day of Diwali and everyone has a three day leave. The last week must have been very hectic for all of you. Now for three days you can relax with family, friends and enjoy yourself. Earlier you must have been very busy cleaning the house, buying new clothes, making sweets, etc The week was so busy and now you can finally relax and take a break to spend time with family and friends. Let me tell you about the importance of the first day of Diwali. Today 25th October is the first day of Diwali, and it is called ‘Dhanteras’ The word “Dhan” means wealth. People buy silver, gold biscuits and other metal because it is believed that it is an auspicious day. People even buy electronics as it is a very auspicious day. People do this because they want to increase their wealth. In ancient times, the King had ordered Ram to observe a 14-year vanvaas. When he returned to Ayodhya people were very happy. This is why people celebrate it for five days. This is why people put colourful lights in their house and on their streets. They draw colourful and beautiful rangolis outside their homes. In the evening families offer prayers to Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesha. People worship them so that their wealth increases. Since it is an auspicious day people offer prayers on the first day and start the new year with good luck. On this day people are happy and spread joy. However there are many who are unable to celebrate due to financial problems. They can’t by sweets, they can’t buy new clothes or burst crackers. So try to help and share your joy by including them. Give them positivity and stay united with them. Crackers are a must on Diwali and Diwali is incomplete without it. Our environment is in grave danger. If you burst crackers, pollution levels will keep rising day by day. They will not reduce. If you burst crackers today your children and grand children will suffer due to pollution. Are you okay with that? During these five days dogs, cats, birds and babies become very afraid due to loud noises. Try avoiding loud crackers and think of different ways to spread happiness and positivity. Share sweets and gifts instead. Happy Diwali!


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