18 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression

Brainy Dose Presents: 18 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression Depression doesn’t always look the way you
think it should. While some people may find it difficult to
get out of bed, others with depression can go about their normal daily routine – smiling,
and taking care of responsibilities. Sometimes called “smiling depression,”
the condition occurs when you appear happy, successful and accomplished on the outside
– but inside you struggle with sadness, turmoil and feelings of inadequacy. High functioning depression is atypical, and
some people may be surprised to find out that they are actually experiencing symptoms of
depression. So here’s what you should know about this
often hidden health condition, and the following signs are something you should definitely
pay attention to. Number 18 – Feeing Sad, But Not Sure Why Everyone deals with bouts of sadness occasionally
– even for reasons beyond explanation. But if you’re generally feeling sad most of
the time and aren’t entirely sure why, it could be a sign of high-functioning depression. It may not be enough to keep you in bed or
disrupt your daily functioning, but it can make you feel heavy and really wear you down. Number 17 – Inability To Relax People with high functioning depression know
that when they stop, even for a moment, the sadness takes over. This is why many of them are always on the
go, or constantly doing something. If you have high functioning depression, you’re
uncomfortable with rest or calmness, and you do whatever it takes to keep your mind occupied. Number 16 – Stressing About Time Those who suffer from high functioning depression
are often over-achievers who constantly find themselves stressing about time. • the time it takes to get something done
• time spent on something that may not be worth it
• and the time needed to complete an endless list of other tasks If you’re suffering from high-functioning
depression, evaluating your time probably doesn’t stop with task-oriented things either. You even stress about the time spent on the
more joyous things in life – like hobbies or leisure activities. Number 15 – Overthinking Everything It doesn’t matter if the situation is big
or small, people with high functioning depression tend to overthink everything. This is because of the constant self-doubt
these individuals deal with on an everyday basis. If you have high functioning depression, you
often find yourself questioning everything you do. It’s an absolutely exhausting cycle of over-analyzing
which can even lead to mental and emotional breakdowns. Number 14 – Striving For Perfection Much like with an inability to relax and de-stress,
people with high functioning depression find it very hard to settle for mediocre. They set their expectations too high, and
in an effort to achieve all of their goals, they wear themselves thin and effectively
beat themselves down through the process. With high functioning depression, you often
feel like you aren’t getting enough done, and as a result, you criticize yourself and
your productivity. Number 13 – Changes In Sleeping Pattern High functioning depression also effects sleep. Some of the changes in sleep patterns include
difficulty falling asleep and sleeping too much. If you know before hitting the light switch
that you’ll struggle to fall asleep, or you get ten hours every night and still can’t
stay awake at work, something more serious could be going on. ‘Depression naps’ are also very real,
and are harmful in terms of productivity and mental health. Sleeping as an escape from reality can be
an unhealthy way of dealing with feelings – becoming a kind of defense mechanism. Number 12 – Difficulty Fully Experiencing
Happiness Emotions are part of our everyday life, so
it’s normal to experience sadness and grief from time to time. While people with high functioning depression
do have moments in life when they feel happy, they don’t allow themselves to fully experience
joy to its fullest extent. If there are hobbies, activities or goals
that have brought you relief and happiness in the past – but eventually, they became
more of a burden to you than something you find pleasure in – that’s a sign that something’s
off. Also, you may feel de-sensitized in situations
that would typically stir emotion, or inexplicably sad in situations that would otherwise be
considered joyful. Number 11 – Declining Social Invitations While high-functioning depression may not
leave a person devastated and hopeless, it can seriously dent their quality of life – dampen
their enthusiasm for work, school, family, and even social activities. A change in social activities can be one of
the earliest warning signs. If you have high functioning depression, you
still go to work and interact with people, but outside of work, you may stop hanging
out with friends – and find yourself making up excuses as to why. You may become somewhat isolated, and this
often leads to distance in relationships. Number 10 – Being Extremely Impulsive As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people with
high functioning depression have a difficult time fully experiencing joy. To combat this, many will go to extremes to
try and feel or experience any emotion at all. This can be something as simple as getting
a tattoo or piercing to feel pain, or doing something dangerous and illegal to feel the
adrenaline. If you find yourself seeking to sabotage your
life with activities and events that are ‘extreme’ – it’s a warning sign of a bigger issue. Number 9 – Overdoing Everything When it comes to anything in life: eating,
drinking, working, studying, etc. – those with high functioning depression don’t know
what a ‘middle ground’ is. Instead, they do everything to the extreme,
and overdo most things in their lives. This however, can also be something that turns
into an alarming bad habit, like gambling, drinking, or drug use. Number 8 – Sweating The Small Stuff Those with high functioning depression often
find that small things that only mildly irritated them before, are now hard to deal with. Things that didn’t feel so important in
the past, suddenly become too much to handle – such as not being able to find your keys,
a grocery bag breaking, or missing the train. If you’re struggling to cope with even the
smallest of stressful situations, you may be dealing with high-functioning depression. Number 7 – Having Rage Issues Everyone’s entitled to a bout of crankiness,
or the occasional bad mood. But, when it comes to emotions and anger,
those with high functioning depression often fly off the handle quicker than others. This is due to suppressed emotions, or what
experts call ‘bottling things up.’ If you don’t deal with your emotions or
underlying problems, when things trigger you, you unleash them all – often at the wrong
times. Number 6 – Having Trouble Focusing High functioning depression can cause people
to suffer from a feeling of brain fog, or that fuzzy-headed lack of focus. You may have problems staying focused and
engaged during work, at school, at home, or during social activities. For example, you may space out while a friend’s
telling a story, or feel like you can’t center your thoughts at work. And while this may be OK if it happens occasionally,
if the feeling is ongoing, it’s something you should pay attention to. Number 5 – Turning To Coping Strategies People with high functioning depression often
turn to coping strategies to ‘take the edge off.’ If you’re becoming too reliant on coping
mechanisms, then you could have a problem. Binge watching TV shows may seem innocent
enough, but if you’re doing it every night as a means to escape your life, then it could
be a sign you’re dealing with some bigger issues. The same goes for reliance on video games,
or using substances like drugs and alcohol. Number 4 – Constantly Questioning The Past
And Future High functioning depression can cause people
to constantly question their decisions and how it will affect their future. These can be things like picking the right
school, choosing the right career, dating the right person, etc. If you have high functioning depression, you
often find it hard to shake the worry, and you obsess over your decisions day after day. Number 3 – Uncomfortable With Stability People with high functioning depression feel
uncomfortable when they are in a state of stability. Simply put, they are uncomfortable with things
when they are ‘too good.’ If you are always looking for reasons for
things to go wrong, take it as a sign – because ultimately, this can lead to self-sabotaging
your own life, relationships, and even career. Number 2 – Feeling Misunderstood It’s common for people with high functioning
depression to feel misunderstood, because they don’t act like the typical depressed
person. You tend to function like everyone else – maintaining
a house, a job, and a ‘seemingly’ healthy social life. But what’s going on internally, doesn’t
match what others see on the outside. Number 1 – Having Other Health Issues Underlying medical conditions like diabetes
or cancer cause stress and strain that can lead to depression. On the other hand, depression can lower immunity,
making you more vulnerable to getting sick. High functioning depression can also show
up physically in the body in the form of aches and pains. You may have aching shoulders, headaches that
keep hitting you midday, or a general sense of discomfort that just won’t go away. While these symptoms may not be as severe
as those of major depression, they still rob you of the ability to be happy and live your
life to the fullest. Of course, this list cannot diagnose you with
high functioning depression – only a trained medical professional can do that… But hopefully, it gives you a better understanding
of what you may be experiencing – IF you recognize these symptoms. What do you think? Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms? And how did you deal with them? Share your story in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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  1. Lol don’t have high functioning depression but I do have severe clinical depression and a have just learned to hid it really well oof

  2. I have all these but #12, and #3. I did not think of myself as depressed..but just fatigued by routine and underappreciated by codependent family members……indecisive about career change and guilty for past decisions and enabling….I guess this This IS my problem…I'm going to get professional help

  3. Is being veryyy lazy also a sign??? 'cause I feel like i'm always tired everyday idk why but everything seems so tiring you stopped working???

  4. Can you have high functioning Depression, general Depression as well as Anxiety disorder plus PTSD? Am more than lost cause every Doctor I see gives me a different diagnosis. Different pills and still not feel better. Am at the door of giving up. I just wanna be normal and content… not happy just content.

  5. Can youtube stop recommending these videos to me…? Like I'm not gonna be arsed to go to a GP to get diagnosed or anything.

  6. This may not be a real diagnosis. I think they would call it dysthymia, that is, constant low-grade depression.

  7. Unreal that we have these BS "professionals" telling us about the human condition. It make me depressed that they are on the earth with me.

  8. Yeah i went through all the 18 conditions and i tick all most all the boxes.still going through the same.don't know how far i will have to endure .

  9. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, and I'm eleven.

    I feel like hurting and killing myself because I believe I'm a failure. Can someone help me? I want help, but the last time I did they told me I should be grateful which kind of lead to self-hate

  10. I don't agree with all of this.I m a loner and was diagnosed with anxiety.Find me a statement in the Bible that says we have to be social.And ad long as a person can take care of themselves and function. That's good enough.Im happy I my own free will way.Everytime I thought something was going my way it never does.So I learned.To just deal with life .And that's what I do.

  11. Wow. I’m so glad I ran across this video. I literally thought I was just going crazy. Turns out I have high functioning depression. I really need to get treated for it, I’m loosing my mind

  12. So number 2 basically is saying if you speedrun games or if you do competitive speed eating then it might be a symptom of depression well that could be because speedruning and speed eating could help to keep your mind off things and succes and winning in competitions often boosts self esteem so yah well that ones definitely me I've been successful in both of those I'm also a successful basketball player as well and on this test at 1 point or another I had all 18 of these and yes I have ptsd and depression and I'm getting therapy and it's getting better

  13. The only things that apply to me is im always sad for no reason, never sleep, always try to stay busy, sleep in the day and cry at night because I’m thinking what if and over thinking thinks I’m ugly thoughts of suicide . All I do is sleep in the day and cry at night. So I guess I don’t?

  14. I am on day 4 of Wellbutrin 100g Sr and I know it takes at least 2 weeks to feel any substantial effects but, I think I feel better today. I have severe case of ADHD and take Adderall for it but, that helps with my depression not enough as I would like. Prozac was like really effective for me for about 6 years and then I started noticing it really merely made me docile and zombie-like on auto-pilot. I want to experience my emotions not be sedated from overload of serotonin in my brain. Wellbutrin works on the dopamine and nueroepenephrine and is said to be more for people with both ADHD and Depression as well.

  15. I've told my friend who is medically proved to have depression that I think I have depression, she just looks at me weird when I try to say I might, it almost looks like she wants to laugh in my face and tell me "you don't have depression you don't know what it's like!" And that just makes everything worse

  16. If this crazy motherfucking world doesn’t bother you you’re ‘normal’.

    If this bizarro fucked up mentally ill world does affect you then you have a mental disorder.

  17. psa:

    i have an anxiety disorder, high functioning depression with bipolar hypomania bouts.

    majority of these ALSO apply to anxiety disorder. try to find coping mechanisms and things that work for me. i’ve never taken a depression nap and i don’t really sleep at all anymore. i simply don’t need it (my therapist says that’s because my brain is almost never off)

  18. No one:
    14 year old white girls in the comments that listen to William Eyelash: OmG tHis Is AlL So Me 💔💔😭😭sKsKsK


  19. Well, I guess I'm depressed. I recently was broken up with like a month ago, my dad died in Afghanistan the month before and my friend died in a car accident last week. No wonder why…

  20. 😔😢🤧💔😭….. My dad died.. & i had this major depression & anxiety,. & i said to mySelf Sana ako nalang yung namatay hindi siya…

  21. I always have headache and I felt empty and sad and lonely.I can bare not to eat for 3 days.I slept until 18 hours but still I felt tired.So many times already I want to end of my life.I told to my husband that I felt deppressed but he replied me (what depressed,depressed!!)His word makes me more sad and hurt.Until,I quit my job and the depression more getting high bcoz my husband always scold me.I felt I am very very tired and sick everytime he angry to me for nothing.

  22. If you are human and current alive and you do not have some forms of depression or mental health then you are not normal.

  23. “The following signs are definitely something you should pay attention to.”
    Well I do, but the others don’t have the slightest idea..

  24. When you know you have major/high something depression but still here to see how right this is.
    Me: Wow, I have functioning depression c:

  25. Is it possible that high functioning depression can turn into major depressive disorder? Most of my life I felt like this and then the past few years it got out of control and it got to where I actually just stopped doing things and tried to end it all.

  26. There's always something new that comes along to mess with people. ,I mean is there anyone normal out there anymore,. It's all in the environment, food we eat, air we breath, certain people in our lives, there's so many problems people have it's uncanny, it's the kids that are gonna struggle the most, I think the so called experts just keep making up these problems for no good reason, isn't anyone just Happy anymore, I'm mean geeez, everyone needs to have something,. ADD, ADHD, OCD, HDD, ABCDEFG, Man I'm sick of it, just be fucking normal and get over yourselves, seems everyone has to have something, dang, I don't feel that great all the time either but I don't announce my problems all over SM, just sick of it. And I don't want any comments from whiners.
    I live with MS for 12 years so far, I'm 56 and dealing with it,so stop complaining, fuckin A. Deal with the real problems like ,cancer, deadly fuckin cancer, or crippling disease's that truly kill people, look at Michael J. Fox, now he should be everyone's role model, that's all I've got to say about that.

  27. I have most of these signs. Whenever I feel down I start to cry and then I bring my emotions to God. He helps me. ☺️🙏🏻❤

  28. I hate how people think depression is trendy or cool. People who are actually depressed dont go around saying it 24/7. Like people think that crying over something or listening to billie eillish or some trash like that makes them depressed.

  29. What are people suppose to do if they have depression?? Because I have been suffering from it for quite some time now but my parents say I'm being dramatic or looking for sympathy…I'm not sure what to do or if I should just leave it alone..?

  30. Can u guess whats going to cause me to get really angry……….if he says high functioning…fucking depression again i swear to god……

  31. im sorry but im a depressed peice of fuck n i hate life n i think y not just die sometimes it would take away the pain but i dont wanna go to hell thats the only reason im still here

  32. I've had severe depression all my life. I'm now in my sixties. It never ends no matter what professional I see or what drugs I take. Nobody seems to have an answer on how to end or even lessen the suffering. The only definitive way is suicide and that is becoming more prevalent in our society. No surprise to me. I'll become a statistic one day soon too. It's such a horrible waste of life living like this. Depression stopped me from doing so many things in life. I just couldn't get beyond it. Please – an article on how we can help ourselves.

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