17 Most Common Dry Eye Causes

In this episode we are going over dry eye causes I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler in the next 10 minutes you are going to learn about 17 most common causes of dry eye syndrome click the link in the description that is going to take you to the blog post and you are going to see a replay of this video You are also going to see a full list of these dry eye causes but before I forget let us know in the comments What you think caused your dry eye? Visit www.dryeyebook.com to get our free Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment. We pay for the book. You pay for the shipping. This are only for the people that are serious about getting rid of their dry eye for good. This is not going to talk about eye drops. This is not going to to
talk about the latest gimmicks. It is not going to talk about doctor visits. It is going to talk about how can you
naturally heal your dry eye from the inside out by healing your body You can replace dry eye with any other
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You pay for shipping. Go check it out so with that being said
again let us know in the comments what you think caused your dry eye or if
you know what caused your dry eye You can also put that in the comments as well Let us go into a slight anatomy lesson and then we are going to the 17 causes The tears on the front of your eye are composed of three distinct layers You have outer meibom layer or the oily
layer of your tears This is actually produced by your meibomian glands. When you have meibomian gland dysfunction. It can affect
that oily layer of your tears You then have your aqueous layer which is the watery part of your tears that is actually produced by a lacrimal gland The lacrimal gland is also responsible for all the tearing you get if you get something in your eye or even when you are crying for emotional reasons but they are different pathways that cause those. They are slightly different in composition as far as tears go. The inner most layer of towards your eyeball is the mucin layer and that is produced by goblet cells in your conjunctiva. When you blink and you blink fully that spreads the tear layer across your eyes and it also helps to move those tears into the corners of your eyes where those little holes are. Those puncta that is where your tears drain out of your
eyes so dry eye disease has many different causes that is why it is absolutely so difficult to diagnose some of the time and to figure
out what is causing it because for you, you might have one cause but then for somebody else they might have multiple causes for their dry eye disease so with that being said let us go into the 17 most common causes of dry eyes so number one is aging unfortunately most people think everything
falls apart as we age and that is kind of the case with dry eye the reason aging occurs and mostly This is over the age of 65. Your meibomian
gland is atrophy. Your lacrimal gland does not work as well Your eyelids are not as tight as they used
to be. This can be kind of reverse or you can fight this by eating healthy and taking care of yourself hydration, green smoothies, and everything
we always talk about with dry eye treatment so green smoothies hydration, exercise. Take care of your body and you are not going to notice aging side
effects about it number 2 is pregnancy This has to do with hormonal shifts in your body mostly an increase in estrogen and progesterone that your body is not used to when your body is not used to that Your eyes are going to suffer. Changes are
always happening all throughout your body when you are pregnant your eyes could potentially suffer from dry
eyes. Some people notice that their eyes get better also your prescription can change and
things like that when you are pregnant prenancy has a huge effect on your eyes number 3 is skin disease around the eyelids or the eyes things like rashes on your eyelid eczema, allergies on your eyelid eczema on your eyelids and rosacea This can all cause problems on your eyelids and everything I mentioned is inflammation
so that is all it is If you get rid of the inflammation on your eyelids that is going to help your dry eye and the reason that is because the inflammation on the eyelid disrupts the oil gland the meibomian glands that we talked about blepharitis is also a big cause of that too number 4 is LASIK or refractive surgery in general this is normally thought to be a temporary side effect of LASIK or another type of refractive surgery but with any type of refractive surgery your
are disrupting the corneal nerves and you are cutting right
through them corneal nerves do regenerate but they may not in some people or they may not regenerate
to what they used to be in some people and that can cause not only dry eyes but it can also in some people can also cause neuropathic pain where you just cannot describe. You might
have pain from wind outside where normal people don’t definitely LASIK LASIK is a big one so allergy There are 2 different things going on with allergies. Allergies are inflammation. Do you see a common theme here? All these are evolving around inflammation We are revolving around inflammation Allergies cause inflammation on your eye
surface which is then going to disrupt the tear film which is then going to cause dry eye but also allergy medications antihistamine cause dryness If you take a systemic antihistamine it is going to cause your eyes to dry up. A systemic decongestant is going to dry your eyes even more usually drops don’t tend to dry out as much
because you are getting focus right on an area but you may notice a little dryness from allergy drops as well Number 6 is damaged lacrimal gland from radiation or some other type of inflammation Your lacrimal gland like we already
discussed is responsible for the aqueous layer or the watery layer of your tears and disruption of the lacrimal gland can cause aqueous deficient dry eye and usually occurs due to aging chemotheraphy is a big one and then
inflammatory diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome click the share button to share this video definitely if you find it helpful and share it with a friend who you think would benefit from it also let us know in the comments below if you think you know what might have
caused your dry eye go to www.dryeyebook.com Travis is so excited to get it free for a limited time all you have
to do is cover the shipping number 7 is medications tons of medications can cause dry eye we
have a full list in the comments below also in the description you will see a link to the list article that we wrote for this but antihistamine we already talked about that decongestant we already talked about that
beta blockers for high blood pressure Accutane is one of the biggest that causes meibomian atrophy high doses of vitamin A medications for anxiety, depression, chemotheraphy HRT theraphy there is more than that I can’t think of the
other ones off top of my head click the link in the description or in the
comments and you can read more about any on the list of medications best way to get off this medications is green smoothies, hydration, exercise take care of your body pick up this book for
the step by step guide but you always want to do that under the watch of your doctor you just
don’t go off your medications Number 8 is wind or dry air this can be a huge environmental cause for some people whether it is the fan on your ceiling or the fan next to your bed that circulating air throughout the night and throughout the day if it is fans in your roof place it could even be the heating fans or air
conditioning in your car I hate to even have them on at all because I hate fans because they dry out my eyes so much we have struggle for sure but fans stay away number 9 is smoke This is 2 different types of smoke If you do smoke quit smoking or stop complaining about your dry eye because smoking is causing your dry eye 100% That is how I start out every patient if you smoke there is nothing really I can do for you I’m going to give you everything I can but it is not going to make a difference because you smoke If you smoke, get rid of it. If somebody
smokes around you second hand smoker is just as bad. Make
them get away from you when they are smoking and then also smoke from like a fireplace a fire or something like that that is going to cause irritation so that is
going to disrupt your tear film as well Quit smoking and stay away from smoke Lack of blinking is the next one We are all on our computers smartphones, and tablets throughout the day the more that you are on it the less likely you are to be blinking fully because we naturally blink less when we are reading or when we are on our computer and
looking at our phone and so you want to make sure every 20 minutes do the 20-20-20 rule so every 20 minutes look at least 20 feet away give your eyes a rest just for 20 seconds or so doing that throughout the day is really going to help out also grab yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses because they are going to help cut the blue light down from your electronic devices they can help you sleep better Feel more focused, energized, and have
less dry eyes as well number 11 is vitamin deficiency and vitamin surplus. You can have a toxic level of vitamin such as the case with Accutane like vitamin A but a lack of vitamin A can also cause dry eye lots of vitamin deficiencies and mineral
deficiencies cause dry eyes We put a whole list of the vitamins we recommend taking a multivitamin, a greens powder, magnesium an ocular health formula that we make It has got all that A,C,E and it has got some
other things in it as well lutein and zeaxanthin There are a lot of vitamins that you might be lacking but we mend a good multivitamin is what
you always need to take in and a greens powder is also very helpful number 12 is long term contact lens use We say long term because overtime contact lenses can start to interrupt and affect your corneal nerves just like with LASIK long term wear of contact lenses especially abuse of
contact lenses sleeping in your lenses, not taking care of them that type of stuff is really going to put at risk of dry eyes if you are a contact lense wearer which is totally fine make sure that you are taking good care of
your contact lenses you are taking them out at night letting
your eyes breathe maybe take a week off from contact lenses wear daily disposable lenses do all those things to shield yourself from dry eye number 13 is conjunctivitis. A lot of people when they hear the term conjunctivitis think of pink eye that is just one form of conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis by definition, -itis at the end
means inflammation Conjunctiva is the clear outer layer that Dr. Jenna mentioned earlier and it has potential to become swollen but
it is the clear outer layer over the white part so conjunctivitis is inflammation if you have inflammation where the goblet cells are you are going to have disruption in the goblet cell density then your mucin layer is going to be disrupted conjunctivitis is number 13 click the share button down below this video to share it with somebody that you think might find
this video helpful also don’t forget to like or comment on this video comment below let us know what you think caused your dry eye visit www.dryeyebook.com if you are serious about getting rid of your
dry eye for good and not going to doctor’s offices and this eye drop and this eye drop stop doing all that get this it is a step by step guide to heal
your dry eye naturally It works. We have had 250 people go through it and the results have been amazing head to www.dryeyebook.com we pay for the book
you pay for shipping number 14 is menopause this goes along a little bit with aging and pregnancy because as you age women naturally go through menopause and this a huge hormonal shift in your life just like pregnancy is basically you want to combat this with lifestyle changes drinking more water, green smoothies, healthy diet exercise you can get our green smoothie chart all that stabilizes your hormones which is awesome and that is what we are going for here number 15 is gender females are more prone to dry eye than males we don’t know if they just report it more or
if it is due to the hormonal flactuations but in office studies and everything females with dry eye thing we do online it is 91% female pretty massive towards the female population but I think it is due to men tend to not be sick we fight things a little bit more and tend to
not have any problems I see the hormone thing too number 16 is medical condition many of you know that things like autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease diabetes, rosacea, and Sjogren’s syndrome they are all linked to dry eye and there is a huge long list of all this diseases that are linked to dry eye because they are inflammatory when you have got inflammation going on
in other parts of your body you are much more likely to have inflammation going on in your eyes so number 17 is eyelid disorders we talked about these all the time so blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction are two
of the most common when it comes to dry eye if you have a disruptive eyelid you have got crustiness on your eyelid if
there is inflammation if your meibomian gland are not working correctly all of those things are going to lead to dry eye or potentially contribute to it this is why we talk so much about using our Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser another type of lid hygiene twice a day because it should be like brushing your teeth you brush your teeth twice a day to prevent cavities you need to clean your eyelids twice a day to prevent blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eyes that is why we talk about this so much because it is such a huge contributor to dry eyes and it goes along with everybody’s dry eye almost everybody has these conditions again visit the link in the description to get the full list of remedies and don’t forget to like this video subscribe
to our channel and share this with someone who you think
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what you think might have caused your dry eye if you have questions about dry eye put that in the comments as well we answer them every week also head to www.dryeyebook.com to claim your free copy of our new Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment we pay for the book and you pay for the shipping and that is it www.dryeyebook.com Thank you so much for watching


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  4. In 2013 I had an eye exam at an ophthalmologist's and an inexperienced nursing assistant placed WAYYY too many dilation drops in my eyes without a Doctors supervision. As a result, my right eye immediately reacted to the solution with terrible blepharitis the next day and dry eye. My optometrist supported me to heal blepharitis, but the dry eye remained (and I still wake up with a mild gooey eye and misdirected eyelashes). The dry eye is mild most days, but sometimes flares up, and I want to heal it completely! UPDATE: After going to your website…and reading some posts…seems I may actually still have blepharitis! Will have to look into this further!

  5. From past 4yrs Im suffering from dry eyes, I have tried all possible stuffs like maintaining food diet,eye drops, changing life style…but nothing helped me to get rid of it…and i don't remember how my normal eyes was before.

  6. I’m waiting for another eye doctor appointment. I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye back in 2013 – I brought in 20 empty bottles of different eye drops. My doctor said my eyes were addicted to eye drops. She put me on hydra eye pills which helped within a week… but now I have very red conjunctiva and my eyes constantly burn, very uncomfortable.

  7. I have started suffered dry eyes when I first got my iPad 2; I was also studying hard to complete my degree. I have suffered dry eyes since.

    I think my dry eyes are caused from computer/screen use and being reclined or laying to read screens. For example, computer use reduces your blink rate, so that makes sense. I have also noticed after watching television in bed that the outside corners of my eyes were wet but my eye felt dry, so I concluded that the moisture that my eyes were producing were note covering the eye properly but running out.

  8. Im pretty certain medications caused my dry eye, specifically Accutane, but I also have taken antidepressants, antihistamines and antibiotics in the past that I think also affected my eyes.

    Is there any hope for me?
    I'm no longer on any of these. I haven't been for 2 years but still have terrible dry eyes.

  9. I believe my anti convulsant medication (which is in the antipsychotic med family) to be the cause of my constant dry, red eyes. What would be the best treatment for my meibomian glands?

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