1351 How To Heal Your Eyesight | Health Success Testimonial

My name is Hiller Wilks. And I’m very lucky because I came to the first one last weekend into this one. And I am a raving fan and a lot of people came here because I’ve liked them to come. And I had the most extraordinary experience for the treat from January. I was a volunteer on the Friday night when fortunately there wasn’t the camera. And Robert had asked for someone who had a memory they didn’t want to talk about. And I’d had this memory pop in my mind while I was sitting listening to him. And it’s something I hadn’t thought about for about 15 or 20 years. Didn’t think it was very much. And of course as soon as I was called out the front, my face just collapsed and off we went. And he never did find out what it was. But he cleaned up and checked it and did all this pulling in and out, of switching and it was very exciting. And then the next day, I attended the seminar. That night I was driving home from a restaurant and I found I couldn’t see through my prescription glasses. And I took them off and I could see better without the glasses. Now the incident that we were working on was, when I was about seven or eight years of age and it was about twelve months after that, that the school teacher sent a note home to say Heather’s having trouble reading the blackboard. So I had my eyes tested I got prescription glasses ever since to see at the football cinema and as all my life driving. And I had done some work with EFT, because I’m EFT practitioner and it helped a bit but never to this extent. And I didn’t tell anyone on the Sunday. Because I didn’t quite believe it happened. But I haven’t worn glasses to drive since. So it’s been very exciting. We didn’t tap on anything to do with my eyesight. It was all the emotional stuff of me not wanting to look at something and everything else that went with it and it’s been very exciting. So that’s one reason I’m a raving fan and I’m looking forward in coming back in November. Thank you so much, Robert. [Applause] Subtitle: Liu Chin [Music]


  1. Ah! Heather that is so wonderful..just so thrilled for you.another remarkable,touching share…
    Just loving your acknowledgement ..
    Thank you..Blessings x

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