– So, oh, uh (feedback) (grunts) Ah, that’s better. So each one of us has
a favorite TV program; maybe it’s something that
we watched when we were kids or perhaps it’s a program
that’s on TV right now. But what you might not realize is that for some of your favorite TV shows, alternate theories have
been developed as to what is actually happening in the story line, many of which would make you think twice. So if you thought you knew
exactly what was going on in television shows like
the Flintstones, SpongeBob and even Game of Thrones,
you’re going to want to keep watching. So, without further ado, here they are 10 scarily plausible TV show theories. Number one is the Rugrats never happened. Rugrats was a massive
cartoon show in the 1990’s that revolved around a group of toddlers and their adventures. In fact, the series was
so popular that it lasted several seasons and even
had a film produced. But, it might have all been
a grand psychological lie. This theory says that all
of the Rugrats were really just a figment of the oldest Rugrat, Angelica’s, imagination. What?! I know just hear me out this one’s a little disturbing. The explanation is that
Chuckie died a long time ago, along with his mother, that’s why Chas, his father, is a nervous wreck all the time. Tommy was a stillborn,
that’s why his father Stu, is always in the basement making toys for his son who never
got a chance to live. The DeVille’s had an
abortion and since Angelica couldn’t figure out whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, she created the twins. And finally, this theory
explains why Angelica can talk to both children
and adults, yeah. Well that’s one to haunt
your childhood memories. Thanks theorists. Number two is Samurai
Jack and Powerpuff Girls share a universe. This theory says that Samurai Jack and the Powerpuff GIrls may in fact share the same universe. First, art direction on both shows was by the same guy, Genndy Tartakovsky. Next, Powerpuff Girls tells the story of three little girls that were created by Professor Utonium, to
use their superpowers to fight evil. The city that they defend
is Townsville, USA, a fictional city run by a childlike mayor. But, distinctive signage and landmarks that are found in Townsville, USA are also found in Samurai Jack. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa, Samurai Jack follows a displaced samurai who struggles against an evil demonic wizard named Aku. The show itself is set in
a distant dystopian future and the destroyed city looks an awful lot like Townsville, USA. Based on these similarities
and the timeline, many fans believe that
Samurai Jack is actually a loose sequel to Powerpuff Girls. Yay, another disturbing ending to another childhood favorite to many. I’m feeling good about
these, how about you? Number three is the Magic
School Bus kids grew into the Planeteers. During the 90’s, Magic School Bus made it’s way onto television
screens with the goal of presenting science in a fun way to kids. Ms. Frizzle led a diverse group of kids through adventures every week. But those kids look awfully similar to an older group of Planeteers. This theory says that, put side by side, these two groups of kids
look incredibly alike and thus, are likely the same people. Now, since Captain
Planet aired earlier than the Magic School Bus, it’s theorized that the Magic School Bus is actually a prequel to Captain Planet. To further support this theory, both shows are about the
importance of science and are all about learning. Now, granted, unlike Powerpuff
Girls and Samurai Jack, there’s no direct connection
between the two universes, but still it makes you think. You know the Magic School Bus
really set a high standard for school bus rides; I
never got to go on a magical journey through the human body, all we ever got to do was go to the zoo. Actually that wasn’t all the bad, I got to see the elephants. Number four is Gilligan’s
Island seven deadly sins. We’re all familiar with
the seven deadly sins, either from the Bible or
that great Brad Pitt movie where they open the box
at the end, remember that? Well this theory says that
the shipwrecked sitcom, Gilligan’s Island from 1964, is actually based on those sins. The seven castaways on the island are each connected to a sin. The Professor is pride,
I mean he can build radio technology out of coconuts, you know he harbors an ego. Mary Ann envies Ginger’s looks while Ginger is lust incarnate. Mr. Howell, with his trunk
full of cash is greed, and Mrs. Howell embodies sloth because she does nothing on the island. And the final two sins
of gluttony and wrath belong to the Skipper, who
was a rather large fellow and had a tendency to
hit Gilligan with his hat almost every episode. That leaves the one who
manages to keep them on the island episode after
episode, in this hellish life, Gilligan as Satan himself. Yeah, I’ll give you
all a moment to collect the tops of yo heads that just blew off from that knowledge bomb
I just dropped on you. Boom. Number five is the West
Wing alternate universe. The West Wing was a show
created by Aaron Sorkin that began in 1999, starring Martin Sheen. The show follows the
trials and tribulations of President Bartlet and his staff through his presidency
that takes place over the real Bush administration. This led many fans to wonder where President Bartlet fits in among the long line of presidents and how a democrat could be nominated at that time in presidential history. Those questions spawned this theory, which says that Bartlet’s
presidency took place in a universe in which former
President Richard Nixon was impeached instead of pardoned for the Watergate scandal. That one action would have
potentially reverberated and led to a man like
Bartlet taking office. Well, I can’t blame those fans, I mean who doesn’t wonder what
the world would be like if Bush never became president? I picture an America filled
with smiles, rainbows, and candy for all. Number six is Ned Stark
is not Jon Snow’s father. If you’re a fan of Game of
Thrones, like many others, you’re probably very cautious
of large twists and turns and spoilers, so be
warned, this theory might actually end up on the show one day. Commonly known by the bastard named Snow, John believes he’s the son of Ned Stark, and his mother, as a woman that Ned met while off at war. But the theory is that Jon may in fact, actually be the son of
Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister, who had a child with Rhaegar Targaryen, the son of the Mad King. I could go on with more names details, but that would just get confusing and frankly I have enough trouble keeping up with the show already. Both Kit Harington and Sean Bean, who play Snow and Stark respectively, have commented that they questioned that Jon is the son of Ned. Well, spoiler alert, but I’m
calling that ish right now, that is happening on the
show, watch what happens. Number seven is SpongeBob
and friends are mutants. Created by marine biologist and animator, Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob Squarepants is one of the highest
rated programs to ever air on Nickelodeon. The show follows SpongeBob and a gang of bizarre characters, through their misadventures in
a land called Bikini Bottom. The show can be quite
bizarre leading some fans to create a theory that
SpongeBob and his friends are the result of radioactivity. Strangely though, this might
not be that far from the truth as the official synopsis
for the setting of the show, Bikini Bottom, takes place
under the real location of Bikini Atoll, a place
where nuclear tests took place in the 1940’s and 50’s. That would explain how the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom were
affected by nuclear fallout making them mutants of some kind. Well that’s not that weird
as long as the talking sponge and his starfish
friend, don’t get violent and come after humanity for revenge. Please stay in the ocean and keep making the kiddies smile, thanks. Number eight is Scooby- Doo takes place in a depression. Scooby-Doo is a fondly
remembered children’s show that followed a group
of teens who uncovered mysteries with their talking dog. But many people have examined the world that Scooby and the gang were exploring which led to a disturbing theory. The theory is that the
original series was set after a horrible economic depression. That would explain why
everything is abandoned and falling apart and why
the villains are people that would normally be well respected. Professors, museum
curators, and celebrities all of which have fallen on hard times, due to the economic fallout. They would then dawn a
monster or ghost get-up and haunt their former workplace. If only Scooby and the
gang knew how to help these ghosts with their retirement funds, it would have made the show, well a lot more boring, but less scary. Number nine is Happy Days
leads to That 70’s Show. Yay, a happy theory, kind of. Both Happy Days and That 70’s Show have become sitcom staples and you might think that
that’s all they share but, maybe not. There’s a theory that
says that That 70’s Show might actually be a sort
of sequel to Happy Days. The characters of Richie and Ralph go off to the Korean War, while Fonzi stays behind. Richie, without Fonzi, who kept him cool, comes back from the war, 20 years later, as a bitter man and now goes by Red. Ralph, now known as Bob, as a fractured relationship with Red, because the glue that
was the Fonz, is gone. Another interesting similarity is that Happy Days was set in the
50’s, but shot in the 70’s, and That 70’s Show was set in the 70’s, but shot in the 90’s. Okay so this wasn’t
exactly a happy theory but, both shows were pretty
funny and made a bunch of people laugh so, let’s focus on that. And number ten Jetsons and the Flintstones in the same society. Hanna-Barbera has one
of the best collections of cartoon characters, all with their own respective settings. But some fans have a
theory that the Jetsons and the Flintstones are two portions of the same society. The Jetsons live their
life in a picturesque future version of suburban life. While the people in Bedrock, have built a society that
rejects the day to day electronic assistance. The idea is that the
Flintstones have constructed a way of life similar to that
of their long dead ancestors. That would help explain
the talking animals, as in the future, these
creatures would be synthetic. Animals in this world would have died off, so they utilized robot animals and used them like kitchen appliances. Furthermore, in 1987, there
was a crossover episode where the Flintstones met the Jetsons. The episode involved time travel, but perhaps it was never
time travel at all. Okay, I’m good, that’s enough for ruining
your favorite TV shows. You’re welcome. And that’s all for this time guys. Thank you so much for watching. As always, if you enjoyed this video, please give that like button a click, and if you’d like to see
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  1. Okay hold up

    The rugrats one is fun and all.. but there's one thing that theory forgets

    Suzie. Suzie could also see and talk to these babies so unless she too was a igment of angelicas imagination or was also pretending there's no way it's true

  2. Any one else scarred for life.

    Also anyone else know about the dark truth of My little pony friend ship is magic.

  3. I have another theory:the Flintstones are from the future. Look,they have technology that cavemans would not know about so maybe world war 3 destroyed everything and they had to build things using stones

  4. Anyone else disappointed when you watch one of Matt’s videos and then you see that you’ve already seen all this stuff on a different video.

  5. Powerpuff Girls exist in the same Universe as the three Cartoon Planet hosts Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak, therfore, also the others they had, Sealab 2020, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and more.

  6. Reygar targarrian is in fact John Snows dad. But that was in the book. So it's not a prophetic sign. The people just pointed out a part of the book.

  7. Oh my goodness. I was sitting down watching MeTv and Gilligans Island was on and I was thinking to myself, “Ginger is like…lustful…the skipper is sloth…wait! The seven deadly sins!”
    illuminati confirmed

  8. The one thing about about Angelica thing is angelica ir not in every ever episode so she could not imagine the adventures.

  9. Notice Gilligan has that red shirt all the time. And what's under that hat, btw? Plenty of room for little devil horns…

  10. Well the Powerpuff girls and Samurai Jack were created by one and the same guy. You know it is actually to expect from both that they are similar in a way. Same goes for the Jetsons and Flintstones

  11. I have my own theory: The characters in Spongebob and the YouTubers in ExplodingTNT's group are connected. Spongebob & Patrick are lovable and childish fictional figures in a fictional place based on a real place. So is ExplodingTNT & Failboat. What's more is that both of the pairs are best friends, one of them being more mature than the other. Squidward is the grumpy old guy who hates goodness and wants a life without Spongebob & Patrick. That's Pink Sheep, but Pink Sheep only wants a life without ExplodingTNT, not ExplodingTNT and Failboat. Mr. Krabs is the guy who always likes a laugh. He also represents a little bit of stupidity. That's Purple Shep with extra money. Then there's Sandy, the diverse one in the crowd that's also a little smarter than the rest. And that's ItsLiz. And there's Mr. Bubbly, the guy who rarely makes an appearance in the show. He also represents an air of mystery. This is where Herobrine comes in. Herobrine isn't a member in ExplodingTNT's group, but I still want to include it. Now let's not forget the settings in the videos/episodes, because that's an important part of the theory. They're both essentially the same things, but the videos have grass and the houses are more spread apart. And on appearances, ItsLiz looks like Sandy if she was withe and didn't need a suit. And for Failboat, if you look closely, you can actually see that he's the same shade of pink as Patrick, just not as clear. And if Pink Sheep lost his wool and mustache, he'd be a naked Squidward. And now into more specific details. There's a Spongebob episode where Mr. Krabs was shown singing. And there's a video where there's a record where Purple Shep sings. And Spongebob's pineapple and ExplodingTNT's mansion both share their colors. Then there's the episode where Spongebob thinks that he has to move out. And the main location of the videos of ExplodingTNT change based on the video. And while Squidward tries to find ways to get rid of Spongebob, sometimes in the form of humiliation. And Pink Sheep and ExplodingTNT's bets make it so the loser is always humiliated. Does this mean that the characters in the cartoon and the members of the group the same people, if not, related? Reply your theories on this.

  12. that rugrats one is DEEP I absolutely loved that as a kid and now im bummed out. chucky was my fav 1 and Phil and lil i liked n Tommy was cool.

  13. I heard that the Smurfs was rely an attempt to subvert the children of the eighties into communists. Where the smurf village represents a communist Utopia, Papa Smurf represents the head Soviet, and Gargamel as the evil capitalist.

  14. the magic school bus kids (MSBK) being the planeteers (P) theory is flawed for a few reasons: 1. the P are all different ages and the MSBK are all the same age, 2. the P are all from different continents and the MSBK are all from the USA, and 3. the P were at first confused and amazed at being able to summon a super hero with rings, if they were the MSBK there is no way that would have happened because that's less impressive than stuff their school bus had done.

  15. I just don't understand why people always try to read into something that was created strictly for entertainment…

  16. The powerpuff mall is in ATHF's first episode. Gilligan's Island is a post nuclear war socialist neodistopia. The guy who wrote the series said it flat out.

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  18. Rugrats, what about Suzzie carmaichal, Dill, and Chuckie's step mom from France, there are three movies.

  19. Happy days has a couple crossovers with Mork and Mindy!😊 same with the jetsons and Flintstones. It shows time travel and kazoo using his alien powers of wish granting to be the reason.

  20. The creator of rugrats said it was false plus if it were true Angelica would have been the main character and not the co-star of that show…. there are like a handful of episodes were she wasn’t in

  21. Oh man…That Game of Thrones theory is CRAZY! Can you even imagine? That would mean he is a Targaryen, and has a more legitimate claim to the throne than Daenerys! Then, what if they met and fell in love, and then later she finds out Jon's identity and it totally causes her to have an emotional breakdown, and she snaps and burns almost all of King's Landing to the ground, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and it forces Jon to assassinate Daenerys to prevent her from going totally insane and trying to conquer the world by burning the whole thing down?
    MAN! That would be totally crazy. I can't wait to see if the theory is correct!

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