10 People FAMOUS for Really WEIRD Things!

– You know, once in a
while there are moments that come along in life that just make you lose all faith in society as a whole. Now would be one of those moments. Fame. It’s something that many of us would love to have. As humans, it’s a basic need of ours to be accepted by our peers. The ultimate of which would be to be adored by the masses. And historically, people
have become famous for all kinds of reasons. Some become great inventors. Some start wars and some become great entertainers. But in the past, there have been people that have become famous for reasons that are less deserving. That’s what this video’s going to focus on because sometimes it’s fun to highlight the weird in the world. Here they are. Ten people famous for really weird things. Number one is Plennie Wingo. In 1931, a guy named Plennie Wingo was talking to some friends about publicity stunts when he came up with his own. He decided to walk
backwards around the world. With a pair of reflective glasses and a sign pinned to him
stating what he was doing, he set off on his journey. He made it 13,000 kilometers before being sent back over a
border dispute with Istanbul. 45 years later he started a new journey. This time walking 635 kilometers from San Francisco to Santa Monica and that journey was enough to land him an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Really? The Tonight Show? That’s a really impressive feat for
somebody that’s clearly a few slices short of a loaf. He’s crazy. Number two is Ikkyu Sojun. Ikkyu Sojun was a monk who lived in Japan between 1394 and 1481. Being a part of Mahayana Buddhism from an early age, he rose through the ranks until he was ultimately bestowed the honor of Zen master, only to quit two weeks later to pursue a life
of drinking and whoring. Not willing to give up the life of a monk nor the life of drunk whoring, he founded his own school of Zen philosophy called The Red Thread, which adopts
a focus on the erotic. Yeah. I don’t think it
works like that, brah. You can’t be a Zen
master and be completely at peace while still
going out for 2-for-1 shot night at the local monastery. Nah. Number three is Bill Britt. In 1969, Bill Britt, a
former insurance salesman, decided to leave his
wealthy lifestyle to go live in a makeshift tent on
government property. He lived there for sixteen
years before his tent was destroyed, but that didn’t stop him. He was successful at framing himself as a victim to the media,
which garnered him enough attention to make it on
to The Late Show with David Letterman. After that, he rebuilt
his tent and continued to live on government property, making money from selling bottles
and cans and refused any form or charity or help until
he died on March 9, 1988. Really, though, who does that? Who wakes up one day and
goes, “Duh, I gotta go live in a tent now.” (sarcastic sounds) Number Four is Margaret Adams. Margaret Adams, who goes by Maggie Bon on YouTube, found fame
after she began uploading videos of herself just
staring at the camera. Yep, that’s the world that we live in. After going viral several
times in America, her videos started being featured
on Japanese television. Several of her videos
have millions of views including one video, which
has 12 million views. She stares into a camera. For those wondering,
yes, she’s still active. In fact, she just uploaded a new video a few days ago. You know, her videos
has a lot of views and I have a sneaking suspicion
as to what’s going on on the other side of
the screen, but I don’t wanna know, cause, ew. Number five is Dave Bawden. Dave Bawden is an
American citizen who found fame after publicly claiming to be the reincarnation of Christ
and if you think he’s crazy, he’s got over 100
people that follow him. In addition to his claims
of being the Son of a Deity, he also claims
to be the one true pope after holding his own election in March of 2005, which consisted
of six votes, including those from himself and his parents. He continues to this day
to call himself the pope and has even had a
documentary made about him. I’m sorry. This guy may
be crazy, but what does that say about his parents? I mean, who could possibly
believe somebody’s the reincarnation of a God? – Uh, well, I don’t think it’s that crazy. After all, I’m the
reincarnation of Darth Vader. (laughs) – Eugene, you are not the
reincarnation of Darth Vader. – What’s that? (lightsaber buzzing) – Nothing. – Uh-hm. That’s what I thought. Number six is Dave Johnson. One day in the 1980’s,
Dave Johnson decided that he was going to
dress up as a bush and scare people that walk by him. Cause that’s a totally normal thing to do with your free time! But after a while, he
became very well known in his city, San
Francisco, and even started making up to 60,000
dollars a year from tips, from the very people he was scaring! However, in 2004, the
local district attorney tried to shut his operation down after countless complaints started rolling in. Believe it or not, he won that case and continued to do it right up until he died at the beginning of 2014. He had amassed a legion of fans and even had his death announced in newspapers all over California. But can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this was
probably just a mentally disturbed old man who got his jollies from jumping out of bushes and scaring people? It’s too bad YouTube wasn’t around when he first started because
he would’ve been huge. Number seven is Robert Coates. In 1810, Robert Coates began performing in theaters despite not being
a trained performance actor. His performances were
universally hated due to the fact that he
frequently broke character, wore tacky outfits and generally just gave really bad performances. Despite the fact that
audiences routinely threw food at him, he continued
his performances for six years until, ultimately,
his bad performances are what he became known for. In fact, audiences
began showing up just to see how bad he really
was, to the point where before his retirement, he was selling out events, turning thousands away. Good Lord! The more stupid stuff
this guy did, the more attention he got. Wait a minute! He was the original Kanye! Number eight is Dick Wilson. in 1964, the Charmin toilet paper company created a series of commercials starring actor Dick Wilson, who played a character named Mr. Whipple. The commercials themselves weren’t that amazing, but for some reason the American public became infatuated
with the character of Mr. Whipple. Because of that, he went on to star as that character in 500 commercials, spanning a career of 21 years. In fact, in a 1978 poll,
Mr. Whipple was the third most recognizable
man in America, right behind Richard Nixon and Billy Graham. Not a bad career considering his humble beginnings of playing
a character who peddled poopy paper. Number nine is Alvin Kelly. In 1924, stuntman Alvin
Kelly decided to climb a flagpole and sit on it to
promote a nearby theater. He was able to sit on it
for a total of 13 hours and 13 minutes, launching
him into a career where he sat on flagpoles for a living. The thing was though, in order to keep the novelty of his act from wearing off, he continuously had to break his own record, which he continued to do, right up until his very last performance, where he sat on a flagpole for a total
of 49 days in a row. For his troubles, he earned a total of 100 dollars an hour,
for six years, until the Great Depression hit. And in case you were
wondering, he survived up there by consuming only liquids and peeing through a tube in his pants. Again, really weird
way of becoming famous, but this guy was making the equivalent of over 1,000 dollars an
hour in today’s money. To pee at the top of a pole! I’m in the wrong business. And number ten, Ruthie Fontanini. Ruthie Fontanini was a 26 year old tavern operator from Iowa who became famous for the way that she served beer. By placing the mug on her boobies and carrying it to customers. Once she became well known for that, she got into trouble twice with the law, which only further boosted her infamy. But unlike most of the
other people on this list, she never tried to
cash in on her fame and instead opted to fade
into obscurity and quietly get married. I think the most interesting
part of this story is that before her fame was over, somebody had named a pair of mountains after her called The Ruthie’s. Naming a pair of mountains
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