10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use To Jump Start Their Brain | Jim Kwik


  1. Which of these simple habits will you add into your morning routine? 🌞
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  2. What a powerful morning routine!
    Imagine how much you would improve your efficiency in all that you do if you were to apply this routine for 30 days so that it became habitual!
    Great Video!

  3. Thanks for share. I decided to force myself to get up at 4 AM for a month. Let me tell you, it completely changed my life. After getting up early every day for a month, I'm less stressed, more productive and generally happier. πŸ˜‰

  4. Superb, Thanks Jim for the success insight.
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  5. I guess hitting the snooze twice, then watching YT videos in an unmade bed, while munching on Fritos isn’t the best thing to do? Darn it!!

  6. I just want to learn how to do what he’a doing at the beginning of the clip… also he sdrinks a lot of stuff in the morning!

  7. What kind of narcissistic bs is this…The 10 morning habits of geniuses? (Notice the plural) Fancy click bate title….then we get this guy talking about what HE does in the morning….Jim the self proclaimed genius….Mind Valley….you guys kill me….

  8. I love these videos, In fact of all the crap I watch on YouTube these videos are what makes me feel good and get moving towards positive goals. So tips I’d like to share is, careful with what you feed your mind! And I like to start my morning with a good ol stretching session, praying and meditating and making my bed. Writing and reading daily is a must no matter how little. Also feel good about yourself, be clean and dress well. Everyone can change the game by making small tweaks in their daily habits.

  9. Successfull people have one thing in common: They all made the decision to be successful in the first place.

  10. Our brain is the most powerful tool that is carrying way beyond potentials to make impossible possible 🌻

  11. Awesome, I share some of these habits, I encourage my clients to make their own ideal morning routine as a goal and then take steps towards making it so,bits very important, it really sets u up to be the best u can be for the day πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Jim can you please make the videos louder we can turn down the volume on our end if we need to but it would help to make them louder thank you

  13. 1.Remember your Dreams.
    2.Make your bed.
    3.Drink lot of water.
    4.brush your teeth with opposite hand.
    5.Deep breathing exercise.
    6.brain tea.
    8.High intensity workout.
    9.eat brain power smoothie.
    10. reading

  14. I was looking forward to what you're saying but then the video's volume is a little low. I would love to edit your videos because although I understand you have a calm voice, it's easier to listen and understand if your voice is louder than the background music. I have to wear a headset just to make sure I clearly understand. =)

  15. Prophet Muhammad (pbu) said :
    "There's an organ in your body that if it's good the whole body is good but if it's bad or diseased the whole body is sick, that thing is HEART"

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