10 Disney Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

– (gasps) Gasp!
How’d they let that one slide? – That one’s actually pretty obvious,
and I’m mad I missed it. It straight up goes–
just moves. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We are gonna play
another round of Find the Flaws. – Find the flaws?
– (FBE) There’s one. – I never– yeah, that’s one.
– This is really fun, but it’s so frickin’ hard.
And I always feel like such an idiot after,
’cause I’m like… – (FBE) We’re gonna be showing you
10 movie clips and challenging you to spot the mistakes.
Of course, there’s a twist. All of these cinematic slip-ups
are from Disney movies. – Oh, here we go.
All right, Disney. I think I got it.
– Oh, beautiful! We love Disney! – If these are super subtle,
I’m probably not gonna do super well. – (FBE) Once again, we’ve planted
three flaws in this episode for our audience to find.
If you find all the flaws and comment below
in the first 48 hours, you could win official React merch.
– Ooh! Find it. (laughs) – Oh, shoot. Good luck. Okay.
I wanna see the comments to see who gets it.
That’s gonna be really cool. – (FBE) Here’s your first clip.
See if you can find anything wrong with this.
– ♪ Now’s your moment ♪ – This is from The Little Mermaid.
– ♪ …in a blue lagoon ♪ – What’s wrong? It’s iconic.
– (sings along) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – I’m sure I’m gonna
totally miss it. What?!
– That’s it? – (FBE) So, what was wrong
with that clip? – Was the shadow the wrong way?
– Her chin. Why was her chin so big?
– At the beginning in the silhouette
where they kind of look shadowy, Ariel’s hair looked
a little more blonde. – Maybe the birds
didn’t have any shadows when they were flying
over the water? – I think maybe when the grass closed,
it might have closed on her bow. – There were no fireflies?
– With the leaves? When they passed by,
they didn’t seem like leaves. They just seemed like a sheet
that was just ripped up. – There was a mistake in there.
I have no idea. (laughs) – (FBE) Ariel does not have
a ponytail, but her shadow does. – Her hair is up!
– (gasps) Gasp! How’d they let one that slide?
– I knew it was something with the shadow!
I knew it! I didn’t say it,
but I knew it. – Instead of the bow.
You know, I almost said that. I really almost did. – (FBE) So, no one’s gonna
talk about the chin? That does not look like her chin! – (FBE chuckles)
– Come on now! – Okay. Wait,
there’s a flaw in this scene?! – This scene was so cinematic.
It’s amazing. – ♪ …me and you, boy ♪
♪ And as the years go by ♪ ♪ Our friendship will never die ♪ – I think I know what it is.
– It’s on the wrong foot. – Wrong boot.
– Was it the wrong foot? – Was it the “Andy”?
– The “Andy” was flipped in direction.
– His name was written backwards or the wrong way.
– When he painted it, “Andy” was this way.
And when he scraped it off, “Andy” was that way.
– Either it starts with an “A” at the tip and ends with a “Y”
on one frame, and then it’s the reverse
in another frame? – (FBE) In this scene,
the direction Andy’s name is painted changes.
– Ohhh! That’s so weird, ’cause, like,
I don’t know, just as an animator, like, just write Andy
at the bottom of the foot. Everyone knows that.
– (FBE) So, the way that they wrote “Andy” is flipped.
– Backwards? What the f– what?! – Ahhh. The direction
of which it was written. I see. That is off.
That is wrong. Quality control, Pixar!
Quality control! – Oh my god! (claps)
Look at me! – Yay! We love Andy.
We love Toy Story. – Aww.
– All right. I’m looking for flaws this time.
I have to focus. – There’s a– I’m almost
disappointed there’s mistakes. – Such a beautiful movie. ♪ (Vai Mahina,
“An Innocent Warrior”) ♪ – She sets that one on top.
That’s it? – Look for flaws, Tom.
Dammit! No! [Bleep]. – What was the flaw there?
– Did it show more than one shell in the reflection?
– Was the shell different? – There was something wrong
with the fish. – That seashell that was there
I think switched, like, positioning. – When the fish flops away,
it doesn’t leave an imprint in the sand.
– (FBE) When the fish flopped out of the sand,
it left a print. But then it immediately cut
to a different shot of that same shell–
– And it wasn’t there anymore! No way!
– Imprint is gone. Okay. Fabulous. I thought it was
something like that, or it was gonna be
her footprints disappearing, you know? – People are so damn good at this!
How do you find these things?! – Ahh. Yeah, I would’ve
not got that. Have people been getting these? – I don’t think people
are gonna notice these small mistakes. I mean, unless you’re really
super into CG and animation. – That was very intricate.
Okay. All right. (claps) – (Simba) Come on, Timon.
You guys have to… – I’m like– my eyes are peeled.
– (Timon) Dress in drag and do the hula?
♪ Luau! ♪ ♪ If you’re hungry for a hunk
of fat and juicy meat ♪ ♪ Eat my buddy Pumbaa here
because he is a treat ♪ ♪ Come on down and dine ♪
♪ On this tasty swine ♪ ♪ All you have to do
is get in line ♪ ♪ Are you achin’ ♪
– ♪ Yup, yup, yup ♪ – ♪ For some bacon? ♪
– ♪ Yup, yup, yup ♪ – Oh my gosh.
Everything’s happening so fast! – ♪ You could be
a big pig too ♪ – There’s a mistake in that?
– Is it something with the apple? – The first thing that came to mind
while watching that was maybe the number of hyenas.
– I was trying to count the hyenas. – Were they missing a hyena? – Maybe the amount of hyenas?
– Is it the lei? Or is it the thing
on his hair? – (FBE) When Timon turns,
if you actually go frame by frame in the animation,
it literally appears out of nowhere.
It’s just on him between two frames.
– What? – (FBE) So, if you look,
these are two frames back to back. So, it literally just appears on him.
– Wait, so that was a split second. Okay, well, I mean, come on.
– Oh, wow. How do you miss that?
– I just focus on the color. Maybe the color
will accidentally change. Didn’t notice.
There just wasn’t one. (laughs) – People are really
watching these in depth. Jesus. Poor animators.
They’re like, “We tried!” – (Mike) Keep coming,
keep coming, keep coming… – Focus!
– I’m like tie, clip tie, sticker on the back of the clipboard.
– (Mike) Okay, stop. Open ’em.
Ta-da! – It has to do something
with the door. – (Sully) Mike! Is that…?
– (Mike) Sorry it took so long, pal. It was a lot of wood to go through.
– Aww. I’m gonna cry. – Maybe Sully’s tie?
Probably not. – I think maybe it
doesn’t have spots. I don’t know.
I was looking at the tie. – I got it. His tie. [Bleep]!
That’s a different tie, though! It’s totally a different tie.
– Did Sully’s eyes change color? – I feel like it has to do with
the amount of flowers on the door. – When he was like, “Ta-da,”
the cuts weren’t on his hand. – (FBE) So here, Mike’s bandages
are shown on his hands. However, he uses his hands
a lot throughout that scene, and they don’t show up
until he does this. – How? This should be
a “try not to get mad” episode. How was I gonna catch that?
– Especially watching this once, there’s no way I’m gonna
be able to pick up on that. – My god. (gasps)
And I felt bad for his hands too! ‘Cause I remember that in the movie,
because I hated getting splinters and paper cuts.
– It’s funny, ’cause I always remember that scene,
but never did I think to see if the continuity
was there. (chuckles) – I just needed some practice.
I just needed some practice. – Oh, I love Tangled!
– The chains on the right– on his right arm.
– (Gothel) …following us. – (Flynn coughing) – (Rapunzel) Eu-Eugene!
– (whispers) Eugene! – (Flynn) Rapunzel. Wait. – What’s tea, sis?
Where’s the flaw here? – Oh, I know what it is!
(glass shard clatters) – Got it.
– I feel like when he went to cut it, it was a regular knife.
And then when it falls, it’s a piece of glass.
– Behind Flynn Rider, the painting is different
on the little post. – He didn’t have his… (snaps) I got that one!
– The chain was on his arm, and then it wasn’t.
– I think it’s when he first touches her face.
You don’t see the chain. – His right hand isn’t handcuffed
when he runs his hand through her hair.
– (FBE) In this scene, his shackles disappear,
but then they reappear in the next shot. – Oh! Yeah!
Obviously! – How am I not
getting any of these? I’m gonna go ahead and blame it
on my terrible eyesight maybe. – I feel good. This is the first time
that I came close to winning something. And then this is the first time
I’m playing this game too, so I’m like, dang,
this is the first time. Maybe it’s just the luck
or maybe it’s just me being good. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Moving too fast.
I’m gonna miss something. – I know. I already got it.
– They’re so fast! I’m like, “Wait.”
I’m waiting for something to happen that I’ll
totally catch, but I’m not. – He had a tear in his pants,
and then he didn’t have a tear. – Did she change outfits or something?
– When she fell, she was like, “Ugh. Oh, no.”
But when it panned back to her, she was like, “Oh,
I’m ready to run again.” – Jasmine once had items
on her body that she doesn’t in the other frame.
– It’s her bracelet, yes? They switch arms.
– Her bracelet just went from her left side
to her right side or right side
to her left side. – One scene, she was laying down
and she had ’em on this side. And then, she changed scenes,
and it switched to this side. – Was it Jasmine? She didn’t have
both of her– she only had one on. – (FBE) The cuff/bracelet
switches arms. – Oh, shoot! But you see
what I’m talking about, right? It’s not the same position
that she was in. – Because it is still
on the same side, she’s just flipped,
you don’t notice. – My instinct and gut was right,
but I didn’t know it switched arms. – Yes! I knew it!
Oh my gosh! – So far, so good. But then,
if I get the next one wrong, then it’s going downhill from there. ♪ (ominous music) ♪
– (Marlin) Nemo. – Oh!
– (Dory gasps) Oh my goodness. – Oh!
– Oh, no! There’s so much going on in this scene.
– (Nemo) Daddy? – (Darla screaming) – (Philip) And stay out! – I don’t know where to look.
(laughs) There’s so much happening in that scene.
– Was it the way the fish fell out
of the pelican’s mouth? – Was it his niece’s picture?
– The window was closed, and then all of a sudden, it’s–
did he open it in the scene? – The poster?
– Something tells me it was the poster in the back,
but I don’t think it is. – Maybe the crocodile poster
to the right. I don’t know.
– (FBE) So, this one’s a bit hard to spot, but the blue poster–
– Oh! [Bleep]! I was gonna say
the poster too! – (FBE) The poster moves
from right here to right here. – Oh, wow. It really does.
Dang! These are some detailed scenes. Who is scoping
these out? [Bleep]! – That one’s actually pretty obvious,
and I’m mad I missed it. It straight up just moves.
– What was this poster? Oh, it’s just a floss poster.
Oh, it moved! Oh, it just moved. I thought it just wasn’t there. – (Francois) The blinds
are also different. I just noticed that.
– That’s true. – (FBE) Oh! They’re not–
they’re all– oh my god. They went higher.
– Yeah. To get the bird out. – (FBE) Let’s dock a point from
FBE for not catching that earlier. – Yup! Exactly.
Negative points. – ♪ Say goodbye ♪
– Frozen has the bops. I can’t pay attention.
– Okay, shadows. – ♪ We don’t have
to feel it anymore ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Love
is an open door ♪ (whispers) Love is an open…
I was just singing. (laughs) I gave up on that one.
Not his shadow that’s dancing. It’s a different shape.
– I think I only saw him and not her. And the moves didn’t match
what the silhouettes were doing. – Maybe the outfits changed
in between? I don’t know, man. (laughs)
– She had a dangling thing, and it wasn’t like that.
– No idea. Maybe her ribbon
wasn’t in her hair anymore? – (FBE) So, during the song
“Love is an Open Door,” Hans and Anna dance
behind a sail, but their feet don’t touch
the ground. They are floating. – Oh, yeah. You’re right. Huh.
– Maybe their ghosts. Maybe they’re dead.
Maybe that’s the parents dancing. – Dang it! Okay, you know what?
I’m not gonna blame myself too much for that one.
I think it was something that, you know,
you don’t really notice. – Oh, wow. They are
literally floating, aren’t they? I love it.
The things you don’t notice. – See, this is older,
so I feel like… One, two, three, four.
(laughs) – Oh, Gus Gus! – ♪ A dream that
you wish will… ♪ – (snaps) Sleeves.
– Okay. I think I know this one. The prince was– Prince Charming
wasn’t in the first one? – Is she wearing her choker
in the second scene, and she isn’t in the first scene?
– Did something on the carriage change?
Did the color of the carriage curtain change?
– She had a wedding dress on? She did not have that on.
– She had sleeves. And then in the kissing scene,
she doesn’t have sleeves! – (FBE) So, in this scene,
Cinderella’s long sleeve turns into a short sleeve
in the final wedding scene. – You right.
You’re right. I didn’t even catch that.
– Really?! Aww. I was gonna say
something about the window being a different shape
or something. – Oh my gosh!
That was so hard. – Who’s gonna see that?
Unless you have really– I have glasses.
I couldn’t see that. – That one’s pretty bad.
She’s just wearing a totally different outfit.
Maybe they originally had it as one thing,
and then they were like, “No, no, no.
We can’t do this. We need another shot,”
so they just were like, “Here you go.” – Oh, honey! That is the kind
of wedding you have! You have two reveals.
You start off saying goodbye to your aunties and your grandmas
and everybody that, you know, doesn’t necessarily wanna
see you like that. And then as soon
as you turn the corner in that carriage,
you rip off the shoulders, and you became Sluterella! – (FBE) You have achieved
a final score of… – Two.
– (FBE) …two points! How do you feel you did?
– I feel like that’s probably gonna be the average today.
– Oh, I feel like I did so bad. I was so overwhelmed,
because I didn’t know what to look at.
– I feel like it’s harder when it’s a cartoon,
because there’s so much movement and colors.
– It was really hard. I’m not gonna lie.
Especially that Jasmine one. I’m still a little triggered
about that one. – I feel good.
I feel really good. I mean, I definitely
wasn’t expecting that for myself. – (FBE) Finally, do you have anything
you wanna say to our viewers out there about spotting the errors
within our video? – If you spot these
on the first go around, you have my respect.
– You gotta keep your eyes peeled, because this is hard.
– I don’t know. It could be something there.
It could be something here. As long as you guys see it,
shout it out, and maybe you’ll win something. – Thanks for watching Find the Flaws
on the React Channel. – You know what would
really be a mistake? If you didn’t subscribe
and hit the bell. – Bye, guys!
– Hey, guys. Ethan here from the React Channel.
Hey, we hope you enjoyed this episode and that
you were able to find all the flaws that we’ve scattered
within this episode. So, if you found them all,
leave us a comment, and you might just win
some merch. Bye, guys!


  1. There are 3 secret flaws in this video and we bet you can’t find them. If you do, make sure to comment the time + the flaw below. We’ll be snooping in the comments to see who gets it right. 👀 You could win official React merch!

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