🎙 How is GC Aesthetics different from competitors?

Well, GC Aesthetics has been in the
market for more than 30 years. This gives a very good assurance for
the surgeons and for the patients, from high safety profile, providing clinical studies that gives scientifically-proven efficacy results. and high safety profile. So, I believe that’s one key reason for surgeons and patients to work with GC Aesthetics products. Another reason which would be differentiating is from both of our brands,
both from Nagor and Eurosilicone, we offer one of the largest portfolios. From breast implants with different
sizes and different surface options, to body implants and expanders, that gives the
surgeon a lot of options and confidence we believe. Another key factor I would say, would be that
although we’re a largely operating global company, we’re still very caring and we’re always
listening to the market and customers. So, that is also a reassurance for
customers and for surgeons.

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