1. Subtitle ~ intro error (0:05~0:14) also, some subtitles are misplaced, sorry 🙁
    3) Staying with a Korean roommate because Corona in Korea

    is getting very dangerous, so he has to stay here

    P.S) 한국에 계신모든분들 코로나 조심하시길 바랍니다

  2. 형 이제 간신히 5성깰 수 있게된 뉴비 인데 형 진짜 잘한다… 혹시 오스 연습법이나 팁 같은거 있으면 알려줄수 있어?

  3. The fact you did this with the custom hitsounds too is even more impressive they're so distracting lmao

    You're a beast man, can't wait to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for you

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