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Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update Hello friends,my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies Today we will understand about eyes,what do they tell about you First let’s talk about depth of eyes Those whose eyes are towards inside are calm and those eyes are towards outside,i.e popping out eyes are aggressive MEans whose eyes are towards outside will bang your head. “I want likes and shares else will bang on your head” Next is width of eyes,i.e this middle space or what is the distance between two eyes If the distance is more,those people are unfocussed and those with this distance small are focussed Let’s understand this in detail that what does it mean If distance between your eyes is more than size of one eye then you are a long term thinker You don’t want the details You want the end results If you are a manager then you will look at the end result of your team instead of working on their microdetailing How and what he has done If someone is getting the result,you will be happy with him And the opposite persons whose distance between eyes is small will go into detail that how this work has been done What can be improvised? How that work could have been done? What is missing? If we would have done this in a different way we would have get better results? They don’t think long term,they like to live in present. All these I have told you earlier also Now we will talk about new things like angle of eyes These eyes are upwards, downwards or straight? Those whose eyes are upwards are optimistic,i.e they think positive They always see positive side of everything Those whose eyes are downwards are not that optimistic. They can be pessimistic but not a compulsion Those whose eyes are straight are balanced. So who is the best here,whose eyes are upwards,downwards or straight? Tell me in comments I am telling you my point of view,people with straight eyes are balanced and they take both positive and negative side of everything People with downward eyes see the real world i.e how the world actually is People with upward eyes always think positive due to which some people also take advantage of them Now we will taalk about eye lid This thing aboove our eyes is known as eye lid People whose eye lid are more exposed wants to intimate,i.e “HI bro,how is it going?” They like to get intimated And those whose it is minimum don’t like to get that much intimated Like while I am talking to you my eye lid is this And those with no eye lid,here we are not talking about popping,people whose eyes are like this i.e eyelids are not exposed. I used to be like this in childhood They are very much focussed in life Their focus donot get deviated Now let’s talk about this lower portion,i.e people who have this straight,curvy or round People who have this thing straight are suspicious. While talking to you if someone’s this thing gets straight then he is doubting on you And as it starts getting curvy that means trust gaining starts. hence, while talking if someone’s this thing starts getting curvy then he has started trusting you And if someone’s this thing gets completely round then that person trusts you alot And this people often get betrayed. Now I am not talking only about the lower portion If you will take the full eye then while talking to someone you can analyze what that person is thinking about you Like if my eyes are popped out while I am talking to you that means I am getting angry on you Or if my eyes gets bigger that means I am listening carefully,my focus is increasing Or normally my eyes are like this but while talking my eyes gets like this hat means I want to get intimate with you So guys this topic ends here,hope you liked it If you liked this topic and understood then please like,share and subscribe. Tell your friends about our channel And if you have not understood then please ask me in comments and then subscribe. Thankyou


  1. aap jis Tarah Bata rahe ho Hasi aa rahi hai but I like bahut acche Se Samjhe hi Doosra wala world Jo aapne bola who acting Sunny Deol ki Tarah Thi bhai gaali mat de jagah Main Ek Ladki Hoon

  2. Meri aankh to upar ki Tatar hai aur bahaut curve bhi hai niche se but hum aam logo se jyada negative sochte hai haaa bharosa bahut jaldi karte hai kisi ka bhi

  3. sir meri eyes ka lid jhuka hua dikhta baat karne par but meri eyes badi h fir bhi lid jukhne ki wajah se aakhe nashe jaisi nazar aati h kya kare

  4. क्या बढ़िया-बढ़िया बातें बताइए सर नाइस वेरी नाइस

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