Hi everyone! My name is Vlad A4. Egorik. Glent. And welkome to my new video, which is called “Who draws a thing better, gets it”. Our dear Danik will bring to us various valuable, precious, interesting things, which we will want to get. But only one of us will get the thing. And how will we decide that? Through the drawing. A person, who draws a best drawing in 30 seconds will get it. Genious, right? But it’s not that simple. In order to form an objective, honest, neutral and just opinion, we invited a painter from Italy, who will rate our abilities completely without any bias. Behold, the painter! Good whatever time of day it is, dear viewers. But actually it’s Beric from Italy. So, we gonna give Beric our drawings through here. He wiil not be able to see, by whom and how they were drawn. The drawings will be delivered here, and he will evaluate them by his qualified look, who drew the best one. Yes. Yes. Guys, watch this video to the end, because in the end I want to destroy this room. It’s all foam plastic, after all But also, guys, before we begin, there’s something important: Here, look, according to analytics, 40% of people are watching without subscription. To put it simple, 4 out of 10 people are not subscribet, can you imagine? It may seem that it’s not a big deal, but just imagine, 400 thousand out of a million are not subscribed. It’s 4 million out of 10 million, can you imagine? But okay. There are these 60%. A great big thanks to you, guys. You are the most awesome, the most cheerful, the most happy and the luckiest people on Earth. The sun always shines your way. And the sun gives vitamin D. And vitamin D makes you smile and feel happy, it makes everything great. But I can’t tell if the sun shines for those 40%. Guys, subscribe to the channel. Click the red subscribe button, and the sun will always shine your way. And vitamin D is good for your health, trust me. Click the subscribe button down below. Right now. And take your vitamin D. The sun will start to shine. Well guys, shall we begin?
Let’s start this challenge, shall we? Danik, bring the first item. Before the filming Vlad said that he is the best painter of all. That’s not true. We’ll see, we’ll see. That’s a simple fact. Listen here, guys. Usually we put different items and ingredients ourselves, and they would come up to us randomly. But now we don’t know, what’s in there. We haven’t brought any of these items. Dear Danik and the A4 production team did everything for us. Let’s support them with likes, because it’s an important job. I’ll win with ease. You have zero chances. They will fight with each other, and I am already considered the best artist. Guys, sorry. Here’s the timer, you will time 30 seconds. So, as soon as he reveals the item, we start, right? Right, yes, yes, yes. Viewers will see it first. Is it revealed? Yes. I opened my eyes first. That’s all? Yes, let’s go. Damn that was really quick. How does it look? Nuts. How do they really look? Three, two, one. Stop. Wow! Oh, oh, oh! Okay, without saying anything, let’s bring them to Beric. The first picture was drawn like that. So, Danik, bring them to our italian expert, please. So, let’s see. That picture was drawn really decently. Looks good, but wrong. I can’t feel a personal touch in it, as they say. This is plain and simple, it’s okay as well. And this is extremely unique, but there is a heart, a heart. I think you shouldn’t do that to a judge. They want to bribe me with love. I put this one aside. And because of that this is my favourite drawing. (text on the screen) A4 Tell us, tell us, what did the italian say? Please. Yes! Because of the cap. Because look at the words, they are exactly like on the label. Everything’s neat. Everybody wrote the words as they are on the label. Why have you drawn an empty jar? The original jar is full. It’s empty. Listen here, this is doodles from a kindergarden. Out of the question. I see, I see, everything is rigged here. Now I will draw everything I want. Let’s go. You can support the… Also, guys, before we start the second round, I have just an amazing news for the viewers. Do you remember, that we prepared a little something for them? Yeah, yeah. Awesome. I’ll explain is a second, what we are talking about. Let’s go. First I want to say thank you to wix.com for helping with this video. Guys, I’m very glad that you watch my videos. When I see your feedback, my heart starts to race. And you prabably know, that this channel is not only me, Vlad A4, Egorik and Glent, it is a big, close-knit team. We are a real team. And today you will get to know us better. We decided to create our own website, there will be a few sections. I won’t reveal too much yet, but this is very neat. But a question came up at first: how should our site look? And what platform should we use? But we unanimously desided, that we should creat our site on Wix platform. Currently this is the best tool for creating professional websites, simple personal business cards and online stores. There are hundreds of ready designer’s templates and very convenient tools for editing. Websites that were created on wix look cool both on PC and on mobile devices. You can also create your own domain. For example ours is a4omg.com In the first section of our website we’ve decided to describe every member of our team. Everyone has written a few words about oneself, so go to the link in the description and read about each of the guys. And also, our website is fully functional richt now. We want to add some more sections, but first we will ask you, guys, what do you want to see there? Maybe you want a separate section about the gear we are filming with? Or what? Let us know in the comments. Thank you a lot for watching, for supporting my channel. You should absolutely visit our website, but also try to create your own. Go to the wix.com/go/a4 go a4 and that’s it. Let’s go. So, are we ready for the second round? Let’s go, let’s go! What’s that? Is it something flat? Damn, wait. I have no idea how to draw it. Like, a snap. Maybe, I’m just drawing for the italian audience. So you don’t get it. What do you think? Howdo you like my drawing? Well, let’s just hand them in without any words. I don’t know. If I were italian, I would choose this, of course. I would never choose that one. Very italian drawings.
Hand them over to a true expert, for him to deliver his verdict. Take the example. (Text on the screen) Glent And what have our italian guy chosen? A real italian.
Right, good one. This is right. Hey, italian guy, there were two chains, actually, and he drew only 4 links. That is all according to the italian concept. You need to understand what is it. I could just… I feel like it is all a dream. Everything’s good. Let’s move on. 0:1:1 The third round. Two, three. What? Oh my god, oh my god. The hardest thing is, that there are no such colors. So you need to improvise. I didn’t manage to add the last small detail, too bad. Hey, are you insane? I… So, that’s that. Only italians can decide. (Text on the screen) Egorik Egor. It is not a dream, thank god. It’s okay. So, basically I tried to think how it works. Puff, like flower dust, and near I drew a cap. You are not drawing for italians. No, it’s the italian style. 1:1:1 – the score is even Because it’s 1:1:1, each of us have one item. Wanna switch? Yeah, switch. Go switch with him and his perfume. No, I won’t, it’s Gucci.
Hey! So, guys, The fourth round? Chanel. Close your eyes. One, two, three. I want to draw this! Where, where, where? Geez, I’m just… How? It’s Louis Vuitton It’s Louis Vuitton, you dimwit. Oh, I don’t even know how it looks. Yo. Here it is, basically. Stop. Well, Mine is really the best this time. Objectively. Hey, only the italian guy decides objectively here. Hey, Italian guy, please, be reasonable. Please. Louis Vuitton backpack, what theb hell. Who did we get it? Where did you get that much money? Please. I hope he was reasonable and have chosen my drawing. (Text on the screen) Egorik. Why? For what reason it is happening? Damn, dudes, you should have a skill. To draw this? You need to know how to use your hands, your head, your brain. Is it a backpack or a matchbox? It really looks like a matchbox. What the…? Guys, I’m ready for school. And now I realized that I should really try hard. Some of the things a really good. I’m stunned, I’m angry, don’t know why. Can you feel it, can you feel my anger? It’s fire. What? What is it? What? What is that? I hope it’s… What is that? A ship? Is it a ship’s steering wheel? Is it a chair? So, are you ready? Something is shaking. One, two, three. How do you draw it? Well, it seems, I already lost this round. And here’s a question: Why do I need these horns? Take it. They are heavy. This is a palm-tree. It doesn’t work. (Text on the screen) Egorik He chooses randomly, I am sure. One hundred percent. Thank you, thank you. This is not funny at all. Totally. He has three points, I think. One, two, three. Ah, damn. I’m just… You supposed to do like that? Well, wait, do you see what you are drawing? Does it look alike? Perhaps, yeah. And what is that? We, let’s just hand it over to the italian guy. As they say, The italian guy knows better. I have chosen the winner in my opinion. Beric finally won some cash. He flew to Italy. And no one have seen him since. That’s a joke. Yeah, finally. I think it is lika a carbon copy. One hundred percent accuracy. A bit too thick, but it’s okay. There is no point in arguing, your drawing is realyy good. I even drew the same butterfly knot. I still think it’s unfair. One, two, three. (Text on the screen) Anatolii He will just run around and that’s all. He is our pet, we have to walk him. Aw, damn. Damn, I shouldn’t forget to draw a box. He is scary. Five seconds. I refuse to draw this. I drew it, but I don’t wanna win. Oh, you will have to take it home? Damn, I didn’t think about that and drew it properly. Well, the italian guy will decide, actually. It was that picture, I think, that you shouldn’t have drawn well, in order not to get it. And I ironically drew it well. What do you think? I think, it’s gorgeous.
(Text on the screen) Egorik Well, that’s it. Take it, take it, Egor. Hey, close it, close it, close it. Okay, Anatolii. Is that a computer? I think it’s some sort of laptop. How does it smell? Looks like a laptop box. Well, okay. Let’s go, let’s start. One, two, three. Oh, guys, please, could you draw it poorly? Well, your always draw poorly, but maybe now… I already messed up. Well. It is not working out at all. Stop. I think I won. Sure. Youn have no basics here. Go to hell. I just want. Fingers crossed. Wel, I can say that we have three decent drawings. It is only for the italian guy to decide. Excellent. Perfecto.
(Text on the screen) Glent The moment of truth. Please, Danik. Yes! I told you, I can. Give me that. Wierd. Do you know why he won, I think? Because he used a black color, and we used light blue. And it’s not light blue. Here I drew the logo, and this means a lot. Open up. What’s inside? Ah, there’s nothing in there. Well… I ‘ve got a macbook box. Cool. You can put your stinky drawings there. Great game, seriously. I feel a relief. One, two, three. What? Geez, that’s what we’re talking about. Here we should try hard, guys. The point is in the apple. Who will draw the best apple. They opened it first. Is it a joke? Why is it closed now? Because it’s a joke. Stop. Well, look, what I think: what will the italian guy consider, when choosing a picture? What do you think? I think the main thing is the apple. Yeah, show us, come on. Of course, of course. Don’t mind that I… What are these dots? Is it a speaker? Why it is on the side? Is it on the side? Look, where is the speaker? Oh, I see, yeah. So, he’s got the laptop, not bad. But Louis Vuitton costs roughly speaking the same amount. Do you now how much it costs? And this, do you know, how much it costs? Do you know, how much it costs? I can sell it and buy everything around me. One, two, three. What the hell is that? Okay. Oh, I get it. Stop. It’s not a simple drawing. I drew a photo. (Text on the screen) A4 In my opinion, it’s extremely realistic. Well? Where will it go? Where? Where? Home, here. How? Home. Really? Stop, stop. How’s that? Oh, I didn’t see a drawing. Can you imagine, it’s because of my poor eyesight. I have a bad eyesight. What’s the score? 4:4, right? 4:4 I think I’ll wear that. And now nobody is counting me, I see. Why would we count you? 4:4:2, actually. Where are you? How did you get there? Three, two, one? How am I supposed to draw this? Let’s ask for another 30 seconds. Come on, 30 seconds. Yeah, yeah. No! Yes, yes! That’s it, 30 seconds. I distracted. Hey, what do you mean, 30 seconds?
Let’s go. Oh, I completely forgot the gamepad. I already broke my markers. Stop. Why it’s always like that? I haven’t seen the gamepad. I thought… Damn! Plain and simple. To me? To me? To daddy? No. Mine! Yes! Oh, I wrinkled it. How much do you have? Three? I have six points, if we count like normal people. But if we count like you, then three, yes, unfortunately. You are an outsider anyway. You both are the outsiders, when you draw like this. And I’m sitting here with my PlayStation. I don’t know, maybe I should draw on my laptop, huh? And maybe I.. eh… Yeah. Get inside the box? Three, two, one. Oh, that’s it. Stop! Why are you so quick? Guys, you are also can be the jury. Write down in the comments. You see certain rounds, certain moments, you have an influence. Write in the comments below, which one is better, in your opinion. And if there will b more votes, (obviously, you will write that he is wrong in this round) then we will take the prize away, and give it to the true winner. (text on the screen) egorik No, Glent, not possible, it can’t be you drawing. Please. That is simply not possible. And I think that… Just because he managed to take the yellow. He literally just managet to color it. Glent. Well, okay.
5:4 and a fool. Holy cow. Is this a drone? Are you serious? A drone? Tell Glent not to look. Me? Stop. Stop? Yes. I think it reallyb looks like a drone, right? The italian guy will decide. Please. What’s that? Glent, what have you drawn? Danik just broke the drone. Now we will find out, whose drone Danik will repare. I believe, that I won, a hundred percent. Do you think the same? Tell me, please. Slap my head, If Vlad will win this round. Because I’m sure, I am the winner this time. No, what if I slap you twise, if I win? Deal. The art of deal. What? (Text on the screen) A4
I didn’t
recognize, I thiught, why it is so beautiful? Why is it so lame? Look, I’ll explain to you and avarything will be clear for you. Why are the blades uneven? I have a power button here. No one knows, how your drone will work. But guys, you can vote anyway. Write in the comments below:
a drone to Vlad or
a drone to Egor. What about the slaps? Two slaps. I almost broke my finger. Do it. Ouch. Ouch, this is deadly, dudes. Okay, I was too self-confident. I had to pay for it. 5:5 and a fool Let’s go on. Why, as a matter of fact? Oh! What is that? Is that slippers for kids? In this round, unfortunately, I may lose. Stop. I didn’t make it this time somehow. Well, Danik, please. So give me the drawings. I made a good one, more or less. Take it, take it. Like, I don’t know. I did good. Don’t know. No, I did really good. Oh! Now we’ll find out, what’s the verdict. Who drew this? It’s mine. Do you need 35-sized flippers? Well, I agree, this is a good drawing. Well done, Italian guy. Why are you so salty? Because I’m losing 6:5 and a fool. Oh! I mean, is it real? Where have you find gold? I think I have some problems with development. Stop. Well. How is it? Why haven’t didn’t I think about writing numbers? I don’t understand at all, how you draw this. Even I cannot do anything here, I can’t defend this masterpiece. (Text of the screen) A4 The chance is small, of course. But the prize. Oh, totally. Well, guys, look. Yes, definitely they look alike. Just in detailes. You won because of the details. There is written “1 kg” but it’s heavy. Well, we had enough of the items. We must have something juicy atb the end. I think it should be something that is hard to draw. The other items were not very difficult. I myself easily drew the previous items. Because of this round being difficult, we will have three minutes to draw. Three minutes to draw? Excuse me, what? Oh, it’s like, very difficult, huh? Yes. Oh! What? have you seen the amount of details? And, Glent, stop spying on me. Glent is always spying. I don’t. Uh-oh. This started with a problem. Well, I should say, it’s not that bad. Why are you looking? Where is it written, that I shouldn’t watch? Stop. I have nothing to hide. It is a good painting. This will be interesting. Let’s look at the drawings after that. You haven’t seen, I have. Everything. Hand it over, hand it over. I didn’t spy… Glent is just, like, all the rounds he was looking in my notebook. Be honest


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